20 Cool Coffee Tables for Your Home in 2017

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The living room is where we often meet and host guests to our homes. That’s why we spend thousands of dollars making it as warm and welcoming as possible. While sofas and couches are already a mainstay in this part of our house, one of the equally important pieces of furniture is a modern coffee table. These furniture pieces are placed in front of our living room chairs and couches and function to accommodate a variety of things. It is therefore, important to choose one that is not only functional but also blends well with the rest of the stuff in our living room. Here are 20 cool coffee tables you can add in your living room this 2017.

20 Cool Coffee Tables


T100-0 Chandler Cocktail Table, Wood by Emerald Home

T100-0 Chandler Cocktail Table, Wood

Reclaimed wood and wrought iron are often viewed as timeless pieces of elegance and beauty. And if you’re looking for a modern coffee table that is as rustic and appealing as it gets, then the T100-0 Chandler Cocktail Tale is for you. The furniture boasts of premium grade reclaimed wood making up the top and a lower shelf. Beautiful wood grain interspersed with equally elegant signs of age of use provides a remarkable visual appeal to any green home. The metal frame and accents are also sourced from reusable materials giving the Chandler a really fantastic eco-friendliness appeal to it with a hint of an industrial touch. Adding to its mystique is its distressed finish that’s sure to blend well in a rustic environment.

What We Like about It – The Chandler is a beautiful piece of rustic furniture that marries the elegance of wood and the strength of metal in a functional package.

Acadian Coffee Table by Simpli Home

Acadian Coffee Table

For those who prefer a cleaner, more refined look in their best coffee table, you might be interested in the Acadian from Simpli Home. This elegant coffee table with storage is finished by hand in high quality stains before being layered with a highly protective NC lacquer which also accentuates the beautiful wood grain and highlights the unique qualities of the pine wood. A large internal storage has been integrated underneath the elegant pine wood top complete with a highly accessible door that is adorned with brushed nickel hardware. The functional cabinet is perfect for storing your magazines, remote controllers, and other items to give your space a really neat and tidy look. While the Acadian is more of a contemporary style, it nevertheless, works equally well with rustic themed rooms.

What We Like about It – The Acadian has an excellent combination of functionality and style that is sure to elevate the design aesthetics of many modern homes.

American Heritage Coffee Table with Shelf by Convenience Concepts

American Heritage Coffee Table with Shelf

Nothing beats high quality solid wood when it comes to furniture as these provide the best strength, durability, and elegance that can last several generations. Unfortunately, they can be quite prohibitive even those that specialize in reclaimed wood. Another issue is that they tend to contract especially when subjected to extremes in humidity and heat. That’s why, if you have these issues in your home, a much better alternative is to get the American Heritage Coffee Table. Made of high quality composite wood, the American Heritage is meticulously handcrafted to give you sophisticated furniture for enhancing the aesthetic qualities of your living room. A bottom shelf is included for all those magazines, books, and other items that you don’t want lying on top. The American Heritage was so designed to complement any décor you may have.

What We Like about It – The American Heritage is a sturdy, durable, and inexpensive way to add some spice to your living room.

Mestler Rectangular Cocktail Table by Signature Design by Ashley

Mestler Rectangular Cocktail Table

Made of select pine solids and high quality veneer to give it superb strength and durability, the Mestler Rectangular Cocktail Table comes as a great addition to any living room regardless of whether it is contemporary or the classic style. The Mestler modern coffee table boasts of a rustic finish that gives it a sophisticated look which should draw attention to the fine details of its wood grain. The wooden slats on the bottom shelf provide an interesting visual appeal. Perhaps the main attraction of the Mestler is in how it is finished. The distressed styling gives the impression that it is made of reclaimed wood which should appeal to individuals and homeowners who require a certain touch of green technology in their homes. You’ll never think that the Mestler is made of composite materials as the subtle colors splashed onto it provide evidence of the eco-friendly nature of the furniture.

What We Like about It – The Mestler provides the right combination of rustic elegance and simple functionality that is never difficult to miss.

Avalon Coffee Table Storage Ottoman with 4 Serving Trays by Simpli Home

Avalon Coffee Table Storage Ottoman with 4 Serving Trays

If functionality is what you’re after, then the Avalon Coffee Table Storage Ottoman with 4 Serving Trays is the answer. Just imagine an ultra-posh ottoman that you can easily rest your feet on, stretching those tired calf muscles after a long day at work. Your feet and your legs will feel the comfortable softness of the Avalon’s upholstery in either polyurethane leather or high quality fabric. This modern coffee table with storage is meticulously handcrafted using only the highest quality of engineered and solid wood before given its classic sophisticated finish. The best part of the Avalon is in its four-section top. These can be flipped over, functioning as elegant serving trays. It’s ideal for serving individual portions of snack items and drinks to your guests. The Avalon also has a very spacious interior storage making it excellent for organizing and keeping your valuables and reading materials.

What We Like about It – The Avalon’s multi-functional top is one of the best things about the furniture. It’s a relaxing place for the legs, a superb serving tray for food and drinks, and a great cover for storage.

Faux Marble Lift Top Coffee Table by Dorel Living

Faux Marble Lift Top Coffee Table

Most modern kitchens and bathrooms are designed with marble tiles giving these rooms a very elegant and chic styling. If these rooms can be fitted with marble pieces, is it not possible to use the same material to add a certain sparkle in your living room? With Dore Living’s Faux Marble Lift Top Coffee Table, you can now add a certain style to your living room that’s as refined as the glossy smooth finish of the faux marble. It may not be the best coffee table but the Dorel Faux Marble can be a very marvelous piece. Underneath the faux marble top is a storage compartment that can help you organize your things such as magazines, other reading materials, documents, and even small valuables like car keys and the like. The rich wood legs help accentuate the beauty and elegance of the faux marble surface while also giving it a more captivating appeal. The overall construction is designed to be as sturdy as it can get. It’s the perfect addition to a chic living room or even a family room.

What We Like about It – The Dorel Faux Marble is functional as it is chic and stylish; great for livening your family room.

Garretson Storage Box Coffee Table in Espresso Finish by 247SHOPATHOME

Garretson Storage Box Coffee Table in Espresso Finish

Built with an excellent combination of medium density fiberboard, high quality wood, and extra-strong veneer, the Garretson Storage Box Coffee Table can really bring out the life in contemporary living rooms. The elegant espresso finish can match up well with other furniture pieces providing added visual interest. Of particular importance is that the Garretson is actually an elegant looking coffee table with storage, three to be exact. The tabletop can be slid open to reveal a deep storage compartment which is perfect for keeping your larger, bulkier, or taller items such as glass bottles, large hardbound books, and others. Underneath this compartment are two smaller drawers which can be used for organizing smaller stuffs such as magazines and even your never-been-used cups. While the Garretson has plenty of storage space, it never fails in its stylish design as well.

What We Like about It – The Garretson is first and foremost a beautiful and elegant coffee table. However, its main strength is in its spacious interior for organizing and keeping your other valuables.

Pyramid Trunk Cocktail Table by Southern Enterprises, Inc.

Pyramid Trunk Cocktail Table

Like some ancient treasure chest, the Pyramid Trunk Cocktail Table is one modern coffee table with a rustic feel to it, giving a certain charm to your living room or even family room that’s characteristically reminiscent of a glorious past. The gently sloping Pyramid houses a spacious storage interior which can be easily accessed by opening the wooden tabletop. A metallic latch, almost similar to the locks found in chests, adorn the front of the Pyramid Trunk while authentic-looking decorative handles adorn the sides. While the Pyramid is designed like a chest, it can only accommodate a maximum of 100 pounds in its interior space while the tabletop has a weight limit of 80 pounds. The faded finish of the Pyramid gives it the rustic look of a vintage, like some antique furniture. Never will your guests think that it’s actually made of engineered medium density fiberboard and pine wood.

What We Like about It – The Pyramid Trunk is a very simple yet highly functional furniture especially for its ample storage space plus the use of high quality materials.

Carson Forge Lift-Top Coffee Table in Washington Cherry Finish by Sauder

Carson Forge Lift-Top Coffee Table in Washington Cherry Finish

There are some of us who prefer working on our laptops placed on our coffee tables. Unfortunately, because of the relatively low height of the tabletop, we tend to sit in a very compromising manner that we’d get stiff neck and backaches right after. This is effectively addressed by the Carson Forge Lift-top Coffee Table. The tabletop of the Carson can be lifted up and locked into place so that it becomes an elevated platform for our laptops to sit on, reducing the need to slouch or lean forward and hence, minimize body aches. This is not the only thing that’s amazing with the Carson, though. The interior can serve as an excellent storage area for all of our other things, including our laptop and the documents that we are working on. There’s also a 2-section lower shelf which is just perfect for organizing books, magazines, and other items. The Carson comes with hardware and accents that are designed in wrought iron style.

What We Like about It – The Carson is one tough and classically elegant piece of furniture. The security of its lift-top mechanism is a feature everybody who likes to work at home will find very useful.

Country Style Coffee Table by Coaster Home Furnishings

Country Style Coffee Table

One of the most unusual yet truly unique furniture pieces we’ve seen is the Coaster Country Style Coffee Table. The Coaster Country Style could easily become the best coffee table especially among people who have a fascination for anything and everything about country living. Designed like an ordinary wooden flatbed carriage that’s usually used in farms for transporting anything and everything, the Coaster Country Style should make for an interesting piece in your family room. The wood used in its construction is styled to be as rustic as possible while the wrought iron wheels on all four sides accentuate the raw beauty of the wood. This gives the Coaster Country Style a certain beauty that you won’t see anywhere else.

What We Like about It – The Coaster Country Style offers a very unique rugged aesthetic which is guaranteed to become the centerpiece of many wonderful conversations with your guests.

Owen Retro Coffee Table in Sonoma Oak and Gunmetal Gray by Altra Furniture

Owen Retro Coffee Table in Sonoma Oak and Gunmetal Gray

Simple yet elegant is how the Owen Retro Coffee Table can be best described. It has a rather low and slim profile accentuated by its hairpin-styled gunmetal gray legs that gently curve at the tip. Providing the platform for various items is Sonoma oak with its signature lines and shades that give a different visual vibe to a contemporary living room. The Owen Retro modern coffee table brings a modern taste of style with unpretentious functionality. The slim profile makes it ideal for living rooms that have a minimalist interior design theme. The metallic hairpin-style limbs allow you to reminisce about the industrial designs that are famous towards the middle of the 20th century. Now, you will only need to add other minimalist décors to your home and the Owen Retro should be complete.

What We Like about It – The Owen Retro is a throwback to the days when metal designs were so popular. It’s great for minimalist homes, too.

Nolan Coffee Table by Winsome Wood

Nolan Coffee Table

With very traditional and classic lines punctuated with beautifully carved and meticulously curved legs, the Nolan Coffee Table is perfect for homes that have a more contemporary feel to their interior decorations. The thick and smooth finished top of the Nolan modern coffee table is great for enhancing the existing décor in any family room. The shelf underneath the tabletop should be spacious enough to contain most of your articles such as magazines, directories, and books as well as other objects in your home. The cappuccino finish give the Nolan a certain appeal that is both sexy and elegant, qualities that many modern homes today look for in a furniture such as this.

What We Like about It – The Nolan’s simple lines provide elegance and styling that best captures the essence of geometric shapes. These can make for interesting decorative pieces to any living room.

Genoa Rectangular Coffee Table with Glass Top and Shelf by Winsome

Genoa Rectangular Coffee Table with Glass Top and Shelf

If you need a glass coffee table, then the Genoa Rectangular Coffee Table with Glass Top is the one you need to buy. This is especially true if you have a rather long couch as the length of the Genoa can complement the length of your couch. The top is made of tempered clear glass and marvelously framed by engineered wood made of composite and solid materials. The espresso finish gives the Genoa a certain class that’s also sophisticated. It comes with a lower shelf that is sturdy enough to accommodate several magazines and a few of your hardbound books. The curved feet of the Genoa provide a break from the clean lines of its upper sections. Whether it is for your living room or even your family room, the Genoa is sure to afford you elegance like never before.

What We Like about It – The Genoa’s clean and unpretentious design makes it ideal for homes that require such styling. The tempered glass should help extend its lifespan.

Warm Shaker Coffee Table by Simpli Home

Warm Shaker Coffee Table

Made of high quality solid pine wood, the Warm Shaker Coffee Table with storage promises to be an exceptionally well-built furniture that’s perfect for contemporary homes. The beautiful grain of the solid pine is accentuated by a protective NC lacquer, applied by hand, and meticulously finished to highlight the unique properties of the wood. You will love the honey brown color of the Warm Shaker especially if you have light-colored furniture pieces. If you have darker-colored units, we’d suggest getting the farmhouse brown, tobacco brown, or even the distressed gray for a more rustic feel. Whichever you choose, you will find the two drawers with brushed nickel knobs to be particularly interesting as these can serve as excellent storage space for many of your smaller items. An open shelf sits just below the tabletop which should be great for keeping your magazines and other reading materials.

What We Like about It – The Warm Shaker has a certain beauty that can only come from solid pine. The handcrafting of this piece is also phenomenal.

Wood Black Coffee Table by Winsome

Wood Black Coffee Table

If you like your drawers to be more accessible just underneath the tabletop, then we’d propose getting the Wood Black Coffee Table with storage. The country-inspired Winsome Wood is handcrafted from solid beechwood, paying special attention to the detailed patterns of its grain before finishing it in rich black overlay. Stylish chrome door pulls have been integrated into the 2 drawers to give it a more sophisticated look. It also has simple-carved legs and fantastic paneled sides. An open shelf sits below the drawers giving you extra storage space. The Winsome Wood offers a very modern take on a classic rustic piece.

What We Like about It – The Winsome Wood affords modern homes with a unique contemporary furniture styling with a hint of rustic elegance.

Glass Oval Coffee Table by Walker Edison

Glass Oval Coffee Table

While the Walker Edison is not really a round coffee table with storage, it is nonetheless a very elegant and luxurious-looking piece of glass furniture made of tempered safety glass on top and two alternating shelves made of frosted glass in a beautiful wave-like pattern. The glass tabletop comes with a polished and elegantly beveled appearance. It is adequately supported by four sparkling steel limbs. The alternating frosted glass shelves make for a very interesting way of storing or organizing your things. It’s the perfect centerpiece to any living room.

What We Like about It – The Walker Edison Glass Oval is a very elegant and very sexy piece of glass furniture. Enjoying your morning coffee just got better with the Walker Edison.

Metal Cocktail Table by Monarch

Metal Cocktail Table

Made of a hollow-cored medium density fiberboard, the Monarch Metal Cocktail Table is ideal for homes with a more contemporary interior design. The spacious tabletop is just perfect for placing your cup of coffee, your snacks, and even a plate of your favorite food during those movie nights. The Monarch will never tip as the base is made of sturdy chrome and accented with a magnificent crisscross design on the side to add to its aesthetic qualities as well as enhance its overall stability and durability. This can definitely breathe life back into the family room.

What We Like about It – The Monarch Metal Cocktail has a very simple design. It may not have storage compartments but its large tabletop surface area should prove substantial.

Oxford Coffee Table by Convenience Concepts

Oxford Coffee Table

For homeowners who like the style of the Hamptons, the Oxford Coffee Table with storage is a splendid choice. While it is not really a Hamptons, it nevertheless, exudes with the same elegance of these timeless furniture pieces. Available in black, white, espresso, and gray, you’ll have a fabulous looking modern coffee table, thanks in part to its glossy finish and simple design. The lower shelf is perfect for storing your books and magazines while its crisscross support provides an additional visual element. It’s just the perfect furniture for contemporary homes.

What We Like about It – The Oxford’s classic and elegant lines make for a splendid complement to any existing décor. It’s sturdy and very stable, too.

Monroe Rectangular Coffee Table in Walnut and Black by HOMES: Inside + Out

Monroe Rectangular Coffee Table in Walnut and Black

Looking at the ioHOMES Monroe Rectangular Coffee Table, we were instantly reminded of its Oriental-inspired design. A hollow rectangular piece supported by two interlocking legs in a beautiful black finish. It should also remind you of those tables that are often used to accommodate home entertainment systems. The dark walnut top made with premium wood laminates can be a superb way to add life to your living room. And since the bottom part of the modern coffee table is several inches high, you can actually sit on the floor with your feet and legs conveniently slid underneath the table. Now, that’s versatility on a more personal level.

What We Like about It – The Monroe has a certain appeal that should blend well with any contemporary interior design theme.

VIRREA Rectangular Glass Coffee Table by VIRREA 

VIRREA Rectangular Glass Coffee Table

Need a very unique yet very sophisticated glass top coffee table? Why not check out the VIRREA Rectangular Glass Coffee Table? Both the tabletop and the frosted shelf are constructed of thick and highly durable safety glass. Both these glasses have beveled edges to help provide a more polished look. Four extra-large stainless steel bars join the two layers of glass at the opposite ends of the bars. Medium density fiberboard forms the legs that support both the bars and the glass that are connected to it. You get a superbly elegant furniture that effectively combines the sophistication of glass, the sturdiness of steel, and the design qualities of MDF board.

What We Like about It – The VIRREA exudes with a certain sexiness because of the unique combination of three different elements: metal, wood, and glass.

How We Chose the Really Amazing Coffee Tables in Our List

On a more personal note, choosing a modern coffee table requires us to look at the existing décor at home. The best coffee table should naturally blend with existing décor or interior design; otherwise, we simply create chaos, not harmony. Unfortunately, our homes are not designed to be similar. Even apartments that have similar floor layouts can still differ in their interior design theme. As such, we had to include as many variants of this kind of furniture as possible in our list. From wood to metal to glass and even a combination of these and other materials, we had to create a collection that offers you excellent choices for whatever interior design you may have at home.

In coming up with these products to include in this list, we looked at the material used in its construction as well as how the different components were treated and put together to provide you with an excellent product. Built-in features such as additional shelves and hidden storage compartments were also evaluated as these can come in really handy in home management. We also carefully considered the materials or substances used in the finishing of the products. While it is inadvertent that chemicals may be used in the application of a finishing layer to many of these pieces of furniture, it must be nonetheless, ensured that they are safe.

Lastly, we had to take an aggregate score of the company’s reputation, the product’s current consumer satisfaction rating, and the feedback and review scores of consumers themselves. This somehow validated our ongoing assumptions about the quality craftsmanship, aesthetic qualities, and excellent functionality of these products.

Tips to Choosing the Correct Coffee Table

We just shared with you our 20 cool coffee tables. But in case you would like to know how to pick out the right coffee table yourself, you need to consider the following tips we have listed here.

There are many other tips to choosing the right coffee table for your home. However, the above tips should cover pretty much the basics.

 The Bottom Line

Coffee tables are important pieces of furniture for our homes. These can add aesthetics and functionality to our living rooms as well as family rooms. With these 20 cool coffee tables we have just shared with you, you’re now more than capable of enhancing the aesthetic value of your home.

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