20 Cool Clocks in 2017

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One of the most important resources that we could ever have is time. Unfortunately, it is something that can never be turned back. Everything that we do in life has an element of time in it. And while we have wristwatches and pendant watches to keep us updated of the time as well as the clock function of our mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, there is a certain elegance to the use of dedicated clocks – be it wall type or desktop type – in improving the overall aesthetics of our homes, offices, and other infrastructure where time is an important concept. It is for this reason that we’re bringing to you 20 cool clocks in 2017 so you’ll not only have a very accurate device that tells you time but also something that will enhance the overall beauty of your property.

20 Seriously Cool Clocks


Large Indoor/Outdoor Decorative Silver Wall Clock by Utopia Home

Looking for unusually big wall clocks? Then maybe the Large Indoor/Outdoor Decorative Silver timepiece should prove interesting. The large simple yet elegant design of the Utopia Home timepiece is perfect for your living room or even in your office. It provides an air of modernity as the design is patterned after minimalist styling. The solid aluminum frame gives it sturdiness that will last many years. A nail slot has been fully integrated at the back for ease of installation or mounting. The extra-large numbers in black stand out amidst the sea of white making it highly visible and very easy to read time. The quartz movement of the second hand provides a sweeping motion which effectively eliminates the ticking sounds that we’ve all come to associate with timepieces. This way, you can also hang the Utopia timepiece right in your bedroom wall without having to fret about the annoying sound of the second hand as it sweeps through each segment.

What We Like about It – The Utopia big clock is perfect for homes and offices that require a more modern yet simple design for their timepieces. The aluminum frame affords it durability while the silent sweeping function is a joy to behold.

Westclox 32042R Retro 1950 Kitchen Wall Clock by Westclox

Westclox 32042R Retro 1950 Kitchen Wall Clock

Relive the days of bulky yet elegant kitchen wall clocks that will transport you to the classic diners and coffee shops of the 1950s era. These timepieces that resemble that of a fire alarm bell, except that there’s actually a face that tells the time, are making a huge comeback. Leading this sudden surge in their popularity, at a time when almost everything is now digital, is the Westclox 32042R Retro 1950 Kitchen timepiece. The Westclox 1950 Retro comes with the iconic design of the 50s complete with a slightly bulging glass to cover and protect the timekeeping mechanism. Enclosing the Westclox is a red plastic case that has a glossy, almost metallic finish. The bezel joining the case with the glass is made of high gloss chrome to give it the classic 50s finish. Unfortunately, we’ve seen quite a few denigrating remarks about its performance. Some customers had units no longer working for them after only 3 months of use. This is a rather surprising finding as a great majority say theirs work perfectly fine even after a year of use.

What We Like about It – The Wesclox 1950 Retro is for those who want to relive the 50s scene in their kitchens. Caution however, because this is not made of metal or glass but rather high quality acrylic.

HITO Silent Non-Ticking Wall Clock by Hito

HITO Silent Non-Ticking Wall Clock

One of the unique wall clocks we’ve seen is the HITO Silent Non-Ticking timepiece. The quartz movement that is engineered into its shiny metallic frame affords super quiet movement that will never disturb you in your sleep or even make you lose your concentration and focus during those instances when you need absolute quiet to finish your work. Perhaps what is interesting about the HITO product is that it already integrates two fundamental measurement tools that will help provide you with an understanding of ambient conditions in your room. Just below the 12th hour mark is a temperature indicator available in both Celsius and Fahrenheit readings. The red arrow indicator gives you an idea of the ambient temperature in your room. Above the 6th hour mark is an integrated hygrometer marked in percentile increments of 10s from 20 to 100. At any rate, you don’t need a separate room thermometer and hygrometer to help make sure that you have the correct environmental conditions so you can make the necessary adjustments for a more comfortable living space.

What We Like about It – The Hito has a very simple yet truly elegant styling that matches any décor of home. The addition of a room thermometer and hygrometer is welcome news.

WT-3181PL Atomic Outdoor Clock with Temperature and Humidity by La Crosse Technology

WT-3181PL Atomic Outdoor Clock with Temperature and Humidity

It’s quite a challenge to look for big wall clocks that are really functional and very aesthetically pleasing. Good thing, La Crosse Technology came up with the WT-3181PL Atomic Outdoor Clock. Measuring a good 18 inches in diameter, this wonderful timepiece is designed to provide any room with a lavish and sophisticated look owing to the fantastic bezel that surrounds the tempered glass cover. What’s sophisticated about this La Crosse timepiece is that it can be set to accommodate up to 4 time zones in the US: the Eastern, the Pacific, the Mountain, and the Central time zones. It also comes with a built-in analog hygrometer and room thermometer so you’ll definitely saving big bucks from purchasing separate devices to measure room temperature and humidity. Its atomic clock mechanism helps ensure you’ve got the most accurate time right down to the very last second. It also comes with excellent weatherproofing so you can use it on your porch or even in areas outside your home where timekeeping is a must.

What We Like about It – The La Crosse WT-3181PL is elegant as it is very accurate. This combination of form and function can really be a fantastic option for many modern homes.

JID0212GRN Big Oversized Digital LED Calendar Clock with Day and Date by Ivation

JID0212GRN Big Oversized Digital LED Calendar Clock with Day and Date

Having oversized modern wall clocks in your bedroom can truly help keep the time. Unfortunately, if you have seniors in your home, they really will have to squint to make sense of the current time. A better approach is to buy them the Ivation JID0212GRN Big Oversized Digital LED Calendar Clock with Day and Date. At any rate, the large green LED numbers with a black background will help provide ease of viewing. It comes with an AM and PM status just opposite the time. Underneath the time display is a calendar function that shows the day and the date of the month. The Ivation calendar clock is perfect for individuals who require instant access to time without having to guess the actual location of the minute hand since there are no hands. The brightness of the display can also be adjusted accordingly to suit individual needs. If you like this product, check out our post on the coolest alarm clocks here.

What We Like about It – The Ivation Calendar Clock is ideal for people who may have diminished or poor eyesight. The large numerical display can really make time-reading a lot easier.

WS-8117U-IT-AL Atomic Wall Clock with Indoor/Outdoor Temperature by La Crosse Technology

WS-8117U-IT-AL Atomic Wall Clock with Indoor/Outdoor Temperature

If it’s truly unique wall clocks that you’re after, then we suggest the La Crosse WS-8117U-IT-AL Atomic Clock with Indoor/Outdoor Temperature. Measuring a full 12 inches wide, this La Crosse timepiece, finished in stylish aluminum, boasts of super-large digital numerical display complete with an AM and PM indicator. A secondary LCD display just below the primary display provides ample information about the temperature of both inside the room and the immediate environment outside. Technically, to obtain a very accurate temperature reading of the external environment, you will need to place the accompanying La Crosse wireless temperature sensor no farther than 330 feet away from the mother unit to register external environmental temperatures. The main beauty of the La Crosse WS-8117U-IT-AL is in its atomic clock feature, giving you superbly accurate time all the time. It can also be set to one of 25 different time zones so there’s no need for guessing what time you need to set the La Crosse to. It features 12 moon phases which should be quite helpful for those who are following the lunar phases for various astrological purposes.

What We Like about It – The La Crosse WS-8117U-IT-AL is nothing short of amazing because of its impressive array of features. For the modern homeowner, the large LCD display is simply exceptional.

Seiko Wall Clock Quiet Sweep Second Hand Clock with Silver-Tone Metallic Case by Seiko Watches

Seiko Wall Clock Quiet Sweep Second Hand Clock with Silver-Tone Metallic Case

If you’re tired of the usual circular face of modern wall clocks, maybe it would interest you to consider the Seiko Wall Clock instead. Made by one of the most trusted names in Japanese watches, this elegantly designed timepiece comes with a silver-tone metallic case adorning the high quality glass crystal forming the cover of the timepiece. It’s large enough to fit any room and stylish enough to draw out the natural elegance of a variety of interior designs. Measuring 12.25 inches square, the Seiko wall clock is perfect for homes, offices, libraries, and other settings where the sharp edges of geometric shapes are preferred over curves and circular patterns. The Japanese quartz movement ensures super-quiet sweeping motion guaranteed never to disturb anyone. The super slim hour markers also make for an excellent aesthetic element especially in rooms with minimalist designs.

What We Like about It – Seiko is well known for making timekeeping innovations. Taking home its silver tone wall clock is simply taking home a piece of Japanese ingenuity.

WT-3122A 12-½ Wood Atomic Analog Clock by La Crosse Technology

WT-3122A 12-½ Wood Atomic Analog Clock

La Crosse is primarily known for its atomic chrono-movements that help ensure accurate time to the second. If you don’t like the appeal of the other La Crosse products in this list, then maybe its circular faced, wood-trimmed WT-3122A model will be of interest to you. Like all La Crosse products, the WT-3122A comes with an automatically self-resetting timepiece so that it stays fully synchronized with the national atomic clock. Additionally, you can also set the time manually especially if you do decide to take it with you outside of the US. But what is really fantastic about the La Crosse WT-3122A is its classic wooden frame that gives it an appeal that is timelessly elegant. It’s perfect for homes with contemporary designs as well as those with more natural elements to their interior style.

What We Like about It – La Crosse’s use of atomic movements help guarantee accurate time regardless of where you are. Plus, the use of wood as frame elevates its overall aesthetic qualities.

Day Clock Extra Large Impaired Vision Digital Clock by American Lifetime

Day Clock Extra Large Impaired Vision Digital Clock

It’s a big clock. That’s what people are saying about the American Lifetime Day Clock. With a width of about 8 inches, more than the size of average tablets, the American Lifetime clearly displays the time, period of day, and the complete date in a black background. The high contrast design of its display makes the American Lifetime the ideal tool for people who have impaired vision. It comes with a variety of alarms including the option to setup an alarm specifically for reminding individuals to take their medications. The American Lifetime comes with a backup battery so that it automatically resets to the correct date and time upon resumption of power.

What We Like about It – Built primarily for people with impaired vision as well as those who may have issues remembering taking their medications, the American Lifetime big clock is indeed a great buy.

Vivid Large Deer Handcrafted Wood Cuckoo Clock with 4 Dancers Dancing with Music by Kendal

Vivid Large Deer Handcrafted Wood Cuckoo Clock with 4 Dancers Dancing with Music

If you can remember those big cuckoo clocks of old, then you’ll definitely love Kendal Vivid Large Deer Handcrafted unique wall clocks. These are made of premium solid wood adorned with an intricate carving of forest deer at the top and at the bottom of the clock. Handcarved details of pine forest adorn the rest of the timepiece. A rotating proscenium complete with 4 dancers are built into the cage just below the Kendal’s bird house. With each hour, the cuckoo bird comes out of its house to give a beautiful song while the dancers rotate on the proscenium. You don’t need to worry during the night as you can simply shut off the audio feature or, if not, you can adjust the volume instead.

What We Like about It – Makers of the cuckoo clock are a dying breed. Good thing, the Kendal Vivid is here to revive such classic and elegant timepieces.

Retro 9-½ Inch Round Metal Wall Clock by Infinity Instruments

Retro 9-½ Inch Round Metal Wall Clock

The Infinity Retro may not really be one of those big wall clocks you’re looking for but they do provide a certain retro feel that should provide any room a classic look of the 50s or even the 60s. The convex glass lens is beautifully encases in a metal casing that measures 9.5 inches in diameter with a total depth or thickness of about 3.15 inches. Its second hand sweeps silent around the time markers so it will keep you focused on the things that you’re doing without that annoying tick-tock.

What We Like about It – The Infinity Retro is one classic wall clock that we can use to add pizzazz to our kitchens and even living rooms especially if we have an interior design that has a more 50s or 60s theme.

50324A1 18-Inch Vintage Bordeaux Wall Clock by Chaney Instruments

50324A1 18-Inch Vintage Bordeaux Wall Clock

For collectors of vintage item, getting the Chaney Vintage Bordeaux Wall Clock should provide a very distinct advantage. The center of the dial is decorated with a vintage port wine label design and then beautifully framed by slim Roman Numerals as hour marks. Instead of a convex glass cover, the Bordeaux comes with a flat glass to provide a more antique look. These are big wall clocks, too, as each one measures a whopping 18 inches across. With quartz movement, you can depend on the accuracy of the time as well as an ultra-silent sweeping motion.

What We Like about It – The vintage look of the Bordeaux provides a fantastic addition to a home that has a collection of antiques and hard-to-find artefacts. Its size is also huge.

PAC-MAN Premium LED Desk Clock by Raw Thrills

PAC-MAN Premium LED Desk Clock

Measuring nearly 8 inches long, 4 inches tall, and 2 inches deep, the PAC-MAN Premium LED Desk Clock is one unique clock that can be a perfect gift for fans of the classic PacMan arcade game. Designed with 512 LEDs to give you one fantastic 8-bit retro look, the PAC-MAN is essentially a classic gamer’s clock that will keep on reminding him or her one of the most symbolic games of all time. The PAC-MAN, comes with full animation of our favorite characters from the game. Of course, it does tell the time, too.

What We Like about It – The PAC-MAN is perfect for fans of the classic arcade game. The simple design and 8-bit animation can be quite nostalgic. 

HITO Modern Colorful Silent Non-Ticking Wall Clock by Hito

HITO Modern Colorful Silent Non-Ticking Wall Clock

The HITO Modern Colorful Silent Non-Ticking Wall Clock is pretty much the same as the HITO big clock that we reviewed earlier. The only difference is that this one doesn’t have the built-in hygrometer and thermometer. Nevertheless, it still features ultra-large numbers in a variety of colored backgrounds which is excellent for mixing and matching with existing design motif in your room or office. The quartz movement still guarantees superior silent motion so you’ll never hear any of that tick-tock.

What We Like about It – This HITO product is a scaled-down version of the other HITO product. The availability of various colored backgrounds should appeal to those who seek a specific color to enhance the aesthetics of their property.

Decodyne Math Clock by Decodyne

Decodyne Math Clock

For math wizards and number experts, Decodyne has designed a really unusual clock that integrates numbers and mathematical formulas into the dial of the clock. For those who hate equations and math problems, this is not the clock for them. But for those who really thrive on such formulas, then the Decodyne is the solution. The white print on black background high contrast design makes it super easy to read the time. The Decodyne measures 11.5 inches across and should be visible enough even from afar.

What We Like about It – The Decodyne has a very unique take on the numbers for the hour marks. You’d really have to know what these formulas stand for if you want to make sense of it.

Westclox 32038 Coffee Time 3-D Wall Clock by Westclox

Westclox 32038 Coffee Time 3-D Wall Clock

We all associate break time with coffee time. With this in mind, Westclox decided to come up with unique wall clocks that are patterned after the silhouette of our favorite beverage such that, whenever we look up to see what time it is, we’ll be reminded that it’s time for that hot cup of brew we’ve been yearning for. The Westclox Coffee Time is designed with the signature traces of piping hot steam from our favorite cuppa. The face of the timepiece is elegantly designed in mocha to give a real feeling of fresh brew. With quartz movement, you can always rely on the timepiece to give you the correct time for a hot cup of coffee.

What We Like about It – The Westclox Coffee Time is an ingenious take on a classic part of our daily lives – coffee breaks.

AM/FM Digital Dimmable Projection Alarm Clock Radio with 1.8-Inch LED Display by Mesqool

AM/FM Digital Dimmable Projection Alarm Clock Radio with 1.8-Inch LED Display

One of the most frustrating things about waking up to an alarm is that you’d have to turn on your side to be able to read the time. With the Mesqool Digital Projection Alarm Clock Radio, you don’t have to since the time will already be projected up on the ceiling in your bedroom so you’ll be greeted with a large projected image of the time on the Mesqool. Adding to its versatility is its ability to tune into AM and FM radio stations, perfect for starting your day with the biggest news and the coolest music.

What We Like about It – The Mesqool’s projection capabilities is exceptional. You don’t need to turn towards the clock to check the time.

Seiko QXA520KLH Wall Clock by Seiko Watches

Seiko QXA520KLH Wall Clock

It’s elegant and sexy. That is what we can say about the Seiko QXA520KLH Wall Clock. It carries the same signature timekeeping technology that has made Seiko a household name since its inception. And with metallic elements in a glossy black finish, this one’s perfect for contemporary minimalist designs.

What We Like about It – This big clock has an exceptionally sexy and elegant design that is perfect for any room.

Modern 12-Inch Stainless Silent Wall Clock with Non-Ticking Movement by Bjerg Instruments

Modern 12-Inch Stainless Silent Wall Clock with Non-Ticking Movement

Modern wall clocks come in a variety of designs and styles. If you want a more functionally simplistic style, then get the Bjerg Modern Stainless Silent Wall Clock. It features high contrast print design for easy visibility. Quartz movement helps ensure accuracy of timekeeping while the nonticking and ultra-silent movement won’t distract you from what you’re doing. At 12 inches across, this Bjerg wall clock is an elegant timepiece for your wall.

What We Like about It – The Bjerg wall clock has a very simple yet truly stylish design that can blend well with any existing décor in your home or office.

Multi-Function Alarm Clock, Indoor Thermometer, Dual USB Port by Homtime 

Multi-Function Alarm Clock, Indoor Thermometer, Dual USB Port

If multifunctionality in a clock is what you’re after, then Homtime’s Multi-Function alarm clock is what you need. It has an indoor thermometer, a USB port for your mobile devices, and a charging port for different devices. The Homtime comes with a 3.2 inch large LCD that features extra-large digital readouts. It has a snooze feature as well as a gradual wake alarm which you can program to suit your needs.

What We Like about It – The Homtime Alarm Clock is an ingenious solution to all of our timekeeping needs. And since we live in a technology-driven world, integrating USB ports into its design is a welcome relief.

How We Chose the Cool Clocks in Our List

Because the clocks that we shared with you are intended primarily to be mounted on the wall or even placed on a desktop or even a tabletop, form was a major consideration in our search. It was very important that these clocks were of a particular design that will bring out the aesthetic qualities of modern homes. We knew it was imperative for us to provide you with as much variety in your choices so there will always be something that fits your home or your room perfectly.

We also looked at the mechanism upon which these timepieces are able to provide the most accurate and most precise time. Otherwise, it would simply be an activity in futility if you have to keep on adjusting the time simply because its time-keeping properties are off. When you see the clock’s hands or the digital LED display to read it’s 9 o’clock in the morning, then it really is 9:00 and not 9:01 or even 8:59. Time is always about accuracy.

The finish of the timepiece was also considered. We’re not only talking about the materials that were used in giving it a superb look. We’re also looking at just how well the different parts or components have been pieced together to help ensure longevity of the product. We know these timepieces won’t break your bank but it doesn’t mean you should already go for something that will give you only a few months’ use. These products were included because they provide the best value for modern families. We also evaluated every feature that the timepiece came with. It was a must that a particular benefit be derived from this feature; otherwise, it will only be just for show.

Lastly, we needed to confirm our shortlisted timepieces so we reviewed the feedbacks and reviews posted by ordinary consumers about the product. Clearly, we wanted to know if we made the right choice in including a certain product in this list.

Tips to Choosing the Right Clock for Your Home

Clocks are very important gadgets that keep us well-informed of our progress across a certain timespan. While we have already shared with you how we ended up with the 20 cool clocks in 2017, if you also want to make your own search, go on ahead. Here are some tips to choose the right wall clock for your home.

The Bottom Line

Wall clocks are very important gadgets especially in today’s highly hushed living. With these 20 cool clocks, you don’t only have a great and accurate timepiece, you also have a great tool to enhance the aesthetics of your home.

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