10 Cool Bunk Beds in 2017

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Not everyone is fortunate enough to have big homes complete with very spacious bedrooms for children. While some kids have the luxury of having their own individual bedroom, many have to contend sharing their sleeping quarters with their siblings. This is especially true for those who are living in small houses and apartments. Not to worry though, as we are sharing with your 10 cool bunk beds in 2017 that are not only absolutely great space savers but are also very functional.

10 Really Cool Bunk Beds


Caribou Solid Hardwood Twin Bunk Bed by Stork Craft

Caribou Solid Hardwood Twin Bunk Bed

With a very sturdy solid hardwood providing the fundamental support for the entire structure, Stork Craft’s Caribou Solid Hardwood Twin Bunk Bed is simply one of the best when it comes to providing a reliable, comfortable, and very accessible piece of sleep furniture for your kids. The beautiful lines of the solid hardwood grain provide a great and fantastic visual element that should be a welcome addition to your kid’s bedroom aesthetics. What makes the Caribou one of the most awesome bunk beds is that it can be converted into two separate, fully functional twin beds. This is ideal in situations wherein you may already have a bigger bedroom for your kids as what can happen if you move to a bigger property or perhaps have already made some renovations on your kid’s bedroom to make it bigger. Whatever the reason, a fully convertible bunk bed is a wonderful feature to consider as the possibilities are endless. The wonder of the Caribou doesn’t end there, either. It has well secured wooden railings surrounding the upper platform. These guardrails are high enough to keep your kid from falling. However, we do have to recommend looking for a not-so-thick mattress to reap the full protective and safety benefit of this feature. The 4-step ladder is also positioned at an angle which helps provide better stability climbing up and down from it. The Caribou is finished in non-toxic materials so your kid will not have to inhale any potentially harmful chemical while asleep.

What We Like about It – The Caribou has a superior sturdy structure owing to its solid wood construction. Its convertibility is also a welcome feature.

Your Zone Premium Twin Bunk Bed by Your Zone

Your Zone Premium Twin Bunk Bed

There are homes that do not have the luxury of an additional bedroom or they simply have more children than most. In these circumstances, you’ll need bunk beds for kids that have a wider or larger lower sleeping platform than the top. Your Zone’s Premium Twin Bunk Bed may look like any other ordinary bunk but its real functionality is in a larger lower sleeping space. This can accommodate a full sized mattress which should be perfect for sleeping two kids or even mom and dad. Made of solid metal, giving it superb sturdiness that will require no additional structural support, the Your Zone is just perfect for families who have three kids or those who may have to share the same bedroom with their child. For a three-member family, the child can take the upper platform while parents can sleep on the mattress below it. The solid metal guardrails should also keep your child super secure while sleeping. The ladder going up the top bunk is fully integrated with the slanting front leg of the Your Zone. This helps eliminate the need for an additional space beyond that what is already occupied by the furniture. Designed to be used by either boys or girls, the Your Zone provides a splendid visual interest to any bedroom.

What We Like about It – The Your Zone comes off as a very sturdy furniture because of its wider base of support, giving it excellent stability.

X-Loft Bunk Bed by DHP

X-Loft Bunk Bed

Children’s bedrooms are not only intended for sleeping. Many also use this for a variety of school- and play- related activities such as doing their homework or even playing with their favorite computer game. Unfortunately, if you don’t have the luxury of space in your kid’s bedroom, then putting both a sleeping platform and a study table will definitely be out of the question. DHP found a very unique solution. Instead of putting sleeping platform under an elevated bunk, the space was utilized to become a makeshift study table or activity table for your kid. The DHP X-Loft is actually a very cool and awesome bunk bed with desk underneath the elevated bunk. The upper bunk can be accessed by a 4-step ladder and is supported by a very sturdy metal framework designed in an X-pattern instead of the usual straight vertical orientation of furniture legs. The meeting point of the X-frame is where the desktop is attached and anchored to so you get the right height for your kid’s study needs. The X-Loft is the ultimate space saver but will only be useful if you only have one child or if the children’s bedrooms in your house are simply too small to accommodate both a bed and a study table.

What We Like about It – The X-Loft is a really great space saver as it already combines the functionality of two different pieces of furniture into one compact package.

Youth Kid-O-Bunk with Organizers by Disc-O-Bed

Youth Kid-O-Bunk with Organizers

Would it not be a blast if you can bring a really cool bunk bed with you to the beach, the park, or even at your favorite campsite? Now, you can with the Youth Kid-O-Bunk with Organizers. These ultra-portable and lightweight bunk beds with storage are superbly designed for optimum versatility. The Kid-O-Bunk can be converted into three different pieces of reliably sturdy furniture: a bunk bed, two twin single cots, and a sitting bench. Because of the nature of its design, don’t expect to put a twin mattress on the Kid-O-Bunk because it simply won’t fit. The framework is made of lightweight yet heavy duty steel that has been duly finished with powder coating and anticorrosion properties. Each cot of the Kid-O-Bunk can accommodate an individual who weighs as heavy as 200 pounds, thanks, in part to its sleeping deck that’s manufactured using high grade, super strong polyester. The same fabric material gives you unparalleled comfort as it naturally conforms to the shape of your body. You also don’t need to worry about a middle brace that can affect the level of comfort to your back. Each cot also has its own storage compartment so keeping your things organized is a cinch. Assembling and converting the Kid-o-Bunk into any of its three modes are made super easy; you don’t even need any tool for it. So, the next time you go outdoors and would want a bed rather than a sleeping mat, just bring the Kid-O-Bunk with you.

What We Like about It – The Kid-O-Bunk provides superior versatility that’s perfect for many purposes whether it is indoors or outdoors.

Dorel Home Products Twin Over Full Bunk Bed by DHP

Dorel Home Products Twin Over Full Bunk Bed

Almost similar in design to the Your Zone Premium except for the placement of the ladder, the Dorel Home Products Twin Over Full Bunk Bed is one of the most awesome bunk beds we have seen for its very simple yet truly elegant looks. Full length guardrails provide for ample safety and security to whoever occupies the top bunk. The guardrails are designed to be rather thin compared to other models which should be a welcome feature since this gives kids a better view of their surroundings. As we have already noted above, the DHP Twin over Full Bunk Bed has two ladders positioned on both ends of the furniture. However, it should also be noted that the ladder is oriented in a vertical position and not at an angle. For kids who may have problems climbing a steep ladder, this may not be the best furniture for them. Its lower sleeping platform can nonetheless, accommodate mom and dad or even two other kids. The space underneath is spacious enough to be used as makeshift storage.

What We Like about It – The Dorel Home bunk bed is just right for homes with limited spaces. The sturdy platform is also admirable.

Brady Twin over Full Solid Wood Kid’s Bunk Bed with Ladder by Dorel Living

Brady Twin over Full Solid Wood Kid’s Bunk Bed with Ladder

If it’s really lovely, adorable, and cute bunk beds for kids that you’re after, Dorel Living’s Brady Twin Over Full Solid Wood Kid’s Bunk Bed is a great option. The design is reminiscent of more classic, more traditional wooden styling. The wooden sections are wider and thicker to give you superb stability and structural rigidity that guarantees safety. The 4-step ladder gently slopes on the side from the top bunk down to the floor just a foot away from the edge of the Brady. Since a section of the ladder sits conveniently on the edge of the lower sleeping platform, this gives the Brady a more stable ladder framework. Support slats are also provided so you won’t be complaining about uneven surface on your mattress. Best of all, the Brady can be disassembled and converted into two distinct beds. One can serve as a full sized sleeping platform while the other is perfect for your child’s naptime cot. If ever you have a visitor in your home who will be sleeping over, you can easily convert the Brady into a fully functional bed. There really is something elegant about wooden furniture that can add pizazz to any home interior design. With the Brady, not only are you giving your kids a wonderful furniture to sleep in, you’re also adding beauty to your home.

What We Like about It – The Brady’s elegant and sturdy design is just perfect for kids. The convertibility of the Brady is also exceptional.

Coaster 460078 Bunk Bed by Coaster Home Furnishings

Coaster 460078 Bunk Bed

For really unique bunk beds for kids or even adult bunk beds, the Coaster 460078 provides a very contemporary and artistic design to its frame. Unlike other beds with standard 4 legs on the corners, the frame of the Coaster is elegantly supported by two opposing arcs right in the middle of the furniture piece. This gives the Coaster a superbly stylish design frame that should work pretty well with bedrooms that have modern contemporary styling. You will also not see any errant ladder that can detract from the Coaster’s beauty. Instead, what you get are horizontal bars that serve to connect the two half-moon bed frames joining the lower and upper decks. These bars serve as the steps to access the upper sleeping platform. Providing security to the upper deck are thick and wide metal guardrails that are dutifully built as an enclosure to the whole sleeping platform. You need not worry about your kid falling as the height of the guardrail is high enough to provide ample safety. The arc styling of its support legs helps distribute the weight of the Coaster evenly while also helping ensure optimum stability. Both decks can accommodate full sized mattresses giving you the versatility to sleep four children on the Coaster with two on either decks. This makes it very ideal for families with more than 2 kids.

What We Like about It – The Coaster is one truly artistic and stylish double decker for children. However, it is its full-on-full design that is really remarkable.

Stairway Bunk Bed Twin over Full with Drawers by Bedz King

Stairway Bunk Bed Twin over Full with Drawers

Double deckers are inherently designed to optimize space. That’s why if you can get bunk beds with storage, then that would really be a good deal since you will be able to utilize every bit of space that has been occupied by the double decker. Unfortunately, there are some safety issues with these pieces of furniture especially when kids are involved. Falls are a real danger both from sleeping on the upper deck itself and from climbing up and down the ladder. Most double deckers come with a flimsy looking ladder that is often attached to one end of the furniture. For kids who may have issues holding onto the rails of the ladder, falling is a great concern. Bedz King’s Stairway addresses this particular issue by constructing not a ladder but rather a stairway that also doubles as a 4-drawer cabinet for instant storage. Every flight of stair on the Bedz King is built with a drawer so your kids can put all of their important stuffs in. The lower deck of the Bedz King, which also features two full sized drawers for additional storage, can accommodate a full sized bed. The upper deck is built specifically for a twin sized mattress. Made of Brazilian pine, the Bedz King is spectacular to look at and even more amazing to use because of the optimization of every conceivable space. With a total of 6 storage drawers, you will no longer have a need for a separate cabinet to keep all of your kid’s valuables. And since the construction of the Bedz King is designed to be super sturdy, there’s no danger of it giving in to excessive weight. The stairs are also wonderful as they come with rails to hold onto. Getting to the upper deck is like climbing up a flight of stairs that will take you safely to your comfy sleeping platform.

What We Like about It – The Bedz King Stairway Bunk Bed may be bulky but it has its purpose. It’s very sturdy, has ample storage space, and very safe for any kid regardless of his or her age and development.

Walker Edison Twin Over Twin Metal Bunk Bed by Walker Edison

Walker Edison Twin Over Twin Metal Bunk Bed

Some parents want a very stylish double decker for their kids complete with a lot of features. However, these kinds of furniture often come steeply priced. If you’re searching for cheap bunk beds, maybe you need to consider the Walker Edison, especially if you only have two kids in the family. Like the others in this list of cool bunk beds, the Walker Edison has the added benefit of convertibility. With a few hand tools, you can easily remove the upper deck and convert it into a separate twin bed. You will have to disassemble the ladder first, of course. This should come in handy if you are going to move to a much larger house or has completed renovated the bedroom of your kids to accommodate a two twin bed horizontal layout instead of a single twin bed vertical design. Support slats are already built into the bedframe so you will not need any other attachments to ensure a more comfortable sleep. The wraparound metal railing also provides added security especially for kids who will be occupying the upper deck. At any rate, you’ll have greater peace of mind every time your child goes up the ladder to have his or her much-needed sleep and rest.

What We Like about It – The Walker Edison has a very contemporary, almost minimalist, design which is superb for homes that are truly optimizing every bit of space that they have.

Discovery Twin over Full Bunk Bed with Twin Trundle by Discovery World Furniture 

Discovery Twin over Full Bunk Bed with Twin Trundle

Boasting of superb construction, the Discovery Twin over Full Bunk Bed with Twin Trundle is made of solid wood in its entirety. These bunk beds with storage are skillfully crafted with optimum functionality in mind. First, the Discovery features a twin size trundle which can conveniently slide underneath the lower deck to serve as one massive storage compartment. This makes the Discovery ideal for homes that may have issues with bedroom space for an additional cabinet to store your kid’s other essentials. The trapezoid shape of its supporting columns helps provide for a sturdier ladder which allows kids to safely climb up and onto the upper deck space. Slats are already incorporated into the bed frame so there’s clearly no need for a separate bunk board. The Discovery also comes as a fully convertible unit. The upper deck can be removed from its attachment with the lower deck to provide for two differently sized beds. You now have a full sized sleeping platform which is just perfect for two young children or even mom and dad. The smaller twin sized bed should be perfect for smaller kids; although we did notice that some parents prefer giving the twin sized component to their older kids while the bigger one is reserved for smaller or younger children. Regardless of who will sleep in what, the Discovery is a fantastic option if versatility and strength are the qualities you’re searching for.

What We Like about It – The Discovery has a very sturdy frame, thanks to the use of solid wood in all of the bed’s components. The availability of a trundle that doubles as storage compartment is also very admirable.

How We Chose the Cool Bunk Beds for Kids in Our List

One of the major considerations that we had to focus on in this endeavor is the size of the furniture. As much as possible, we had to look at the overall space requirements for such pieces of bedroom furniture. If it’s too big you may have a problem fitting it into your child’s bedroom. If it’s too small your child may be at a greater risk for fall injuries, not to mention they will not really feel comfortable sleeping on it. The same can be said for adult bunk beds as although safety will not really be an issue; comfort will.

Since we’re talking about safety, it was imperative that the construction of these pieces of furniture is of the highest possible quality. We know that these furniture pieces are defined by an elevated sleeping platform over another, it is crucial that the integrity of the structure be ascertained. It would really be foolhardy to include furniture pieces that have questionable construction. Stability and sturdiness were the qualities that we looked for.

Unfortunately, it was difficult to prove the issue of stability and durability since it would take a considerable period of continuous use before you can truly evaluate its structural soundness. Hence, we read the experiences of customers and determined any issues as to the product’s structural integrity. It was clear that these customers who have been using these furniture pieces for quite some time now are in the best position to gauge the overall integrity of the product.

Speaking about the structure of these awesome bunk beds, we also took note of any built-in feature that may provide a particular benefit to whoever uses it. That’s why we have included furniture pieces that have integrated cabinets, drawers, storage compartments, and even tables. We also took note of the overall design of the product. Of course, as subjective as the word is, we had to include those bunk beds that are really cool.

Some Tips to Choosing the Right Bunk Bed for You

While it is true we already shared with you how we chose the different bunk beds that were included in this article, there may be some of you who would like to perform a more thorough search for the right double decker bed for your kids. Choosing the right bunk beds is crucial for a variety of reasons. Some look at safety considerations while others place emphasis on space-saving features. Regardless of your reasons for getting a piece of furniture such as this, it is critically important to choose the correct one. Here are some tips to choosing the correct bunk bed for you and your family, especially your kids.

The Bottom Line

Bunk beds are designed to help us optimize the meager space we have at home. Whether it is with a built-in cabinet or a study table underneath it, a fully functional double decker bed should provide you with a host of other benefits and not just for restful sleeping. The 10 cool bunk beds in 2017 should point you in the right direction.

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