15 Cool Bottle Openers in 2017

cool bottle openers

Parties and get-togethers are made more fun and memorable with a good supply of our favorite beverages. And while many of us would like to concoct our very own thirst-quenchers and throat guzzlers, it is inadvertent that we’ll be including in our mix a bottle or two of our preferred spirits. Even colas and certain juices today come in bottles. Now, you can use a variety of techniques to pry a bottle cap but there’s only one really sophisticated and really cool way to open your beloved thirst quencher: our 15 cool bottle openers in 2017. Get any one of these and we guarantee you’ll be the star in your social circle.

15 Cool Bottle Openers

150 Caliber BMG Real Bullet Bottle Opener by Lucky Shot

This one’s for the boys, the toughies, and the military wannabes. The 50 Caliber BMG Real Bullet metal bottle opener is one of the most sought after items in this particular category whether it is for personal use or as a wonderful gift item for someone who happens to be a big fan of heavy machine guns or even high caliber sniper rifles. Each of these babies is made from real empty brass casings of 50 caliber BMG rounds that have been procured by Lucky Shot from the Department of Defense itself. Each one is carefully handcrafted to give it a signature look and to preserve its authenticity before being filled with an appropriate material at the tip to simulate a real live round. But don’t worry as this won’t explode in your face as it’s only a mockup of the real live ammo of BMGs. The BMG casing is finished in a substantial layer of lacquer to help maintain its luster and prevent tarnishing. You’d be the real talk of the group especially if you’re going to pull it out from its luxurious looking black velvet bag. 

What We Like about It – The 50 Caliber BMG Real Bullet metal bottle opener is a great conversation starter and an even more effective discussion focus. The ingenious design is remarkable. 

2Credit Card Stainless Steel Bottle Opener for Your Wallet by CJESLNA

Most of us live on plastics nowadays. Every purchase of a product or even availment of a service is made super easy with a mere swipe of a plastic card. Now, what if you have a personalized bottle opener that you can actually slip into your wallet’s card holder? Made of high grade stainless steel, the CJESLNA Credit Card Stainless Steel is one superb gift idea or even a stocking stuffer to get. Or, you can always bring it home for your own use. It’s so slim that it can fit right into your wallet. The heavy duty 403 premium grade stainless steel gives the CJESLNA its superb structural rigidity needed to pry open the caps off our favorite drinks. There’s no mistaking the cool wow factor of the CJESLNA. Its brushed surface gives it the look of polished luxury, almost similar to most titanium cards that we have in our wallets. You’ll never have any reason for not being able to open your beer or soda anymore as the solution is right inside your wallet. 

What We Like about It – The CJESLNA’s polished look and sturdy construction make it one of the best-selling products in this category. 

3Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Flat Bottle Opener by Update International

While some of us prefer fancy and funny bottle openers, there are still those that prefer pretty straightforward cap priers. This product from Update International has got to have one of the simplest designs we’ve seen. Imagine a 7-inch stick that’s shaped like an oversized popsicle stick with two differently shaped holes on either end. Now, why would you want to have 2 different cap prying mechanisms? As you may already know, different beverage manufacturers often have different capping mechanisms. The two holes on the Update are designed specifically to accommodate all types of caps so you will not really have any reason not to be able to open these beverages. The Update is made of high grade 2-millimeter thick stainless steel giving it an ultra-slim profile that should prove very convenient to be slipped into your pocket or even your purse (provided it’s longer than 7 inches, of course). 

What We Like about It – The Update has a no-frills design that is guaranteed to open every bottle of beverage you have in front of you. 

4Pirate Bottle Opener by Suck UK

Need some funny bottle openers that can do more than merely open your favorite drinks? Suck UK’s Pirate cap prier is one hilarious yet truly functional interpretation to our trusted device. Perhaps inspired by Captain Jack Sparrow or even Captain Barbosa, the Suck UK Pirate comes as a reliable buccaneer ready to pry open any drink that you have. This peg-legged pirate is a cap prier, a corkscrew, and a foil cutter rolled into one funny package. The corkscrew represents the amputated leg of the pirate, resembling a peg that we’ve all come to associate with these masquerading bandits of the high seas. One arm serves as a foil cutter with its saw-like teeth to cut through foil with ease. The other arm is used to hold the top of the bottle in place while popping it open while the protruding eye patch on the hole of the pirate’s face serves as the anchor that you’ll need to pry the cap from the lid. Now, who can ever say that pirates don’t serve a purpose? 

What We Like about It – The Suck UK Pirate comes as a very novel idea to opening bottles as well as performs a whole lot more tasks. 

52-Pack Beer Bottle Opener with Magnetic Cap Catcher by HQY

Don’t you just hate opening your favorite beverage or drink just to have its cap bouncing off the lid and get strewn everywhere? If you’re an OC person, you’ll love the HQY cool beer bottle openers as these come with a fully magnetized cap catcher already built into the chamber of the HQY. It’s super portable and very easy to use, too. Simply press the HQY over the cap of your drink, pop it out, and you’ve got instant access to your thirst quencher. But wait. Where’s the cap? Look underneath the HQY and you’ll see your cap magnetized onto its walls. The design is so efficient that the HQY has been dubbed as great speed bottle openers. There’s no need for twisting and straining just to pry open a cap. More importantly, you will never hurt yourself prying these caps open. It’s a lot neater, too as there will be no caps strewn all over the floor. And if you happen to be a collector of bottle caps, then this is a great tool for you. 

What We Like about It – The HQY is one perfect solution to a more hassle-free and speedier opening of bottles. 

6Suma Rubber Coated Bottle Opener by Thirsty Rhino

They’re colorful, provide excellent grip, and manufactured from a sturdy material. This is how people describe the Thirsty Rhino colorful Suma Rubber Coated cool beer bottle openers. It is almost similar to the Update product except that the Thirsty Rhino comes with a fully rubberized surface which helps prevent slippage, allowing you superb grip of the Thirsty Rhino every time you pry a cap. Like the Update, the Thirsty Rhino comes with 2 different opening holes which are perfect for improving the overall versatility of the Thirsty Rhino. One hole actually serves as a spinner ring to give you added handling comfort. These speed bottle openers are often used by bartenders, restaurants, and even breweries. Now, you can bring home these fabulous piece made of 14 gauge 18/8 heavy duty stainless steel. 

What We Like about It – The Thirsty Rhino may have a very simple design but this simplicity is what’s needed to win in speed bottle opening competitions. 

7Klein 98002BT Bottle Opener by Klein Tools

Klein tools had been making high-quality, high-performance hand tools for many years. Their expertise in the field of hand tools has just been extended into the realm of ordinary gadgets bringing to us the Klein 98002BT bar bottle opener. Expertly crafted, the Klein 98002BT comes with a very unique handle that is a reflection of Klein’s mastery of hand tools. Many users of the Klein 98002BT say that this is simply the single best-feeling cap prier that they have ever used. It doesn’t look cheap and comes across as one that is designed to last several generations of bottle opening occasions. Made of stainless steel of the highest possible quality, the Klein 98002BT is sure to make your beer bottle opening chores a breeze. 

What We Like about It – The Klein 98002BT is a very sturdy, very professional looking metal bottle opener. Its professional feel goes well beyond aesthetics. 

8Army Man Bottle Opener by One Hundred 80 Degrees

Whether you’re a fan of Toy Story or even Small Soldiers, you will definitely love the One Hundred 80 Degrees Army Man funny bottle openers. The design is that of military personnel in full battle fatigues complete with boots, helmet, and a rifle held by its outstretched arms. The prone or crawling stance of the Army Man creates an opening between the head and the outstretched arms and rifle. The corporal’s chin provides the anchor upon which you can latch on the cap of your beverage for ease of opening. This is unlike the cheap Army Man that we used to play with as kids, however. It’s made of super sturdy die cast metal to help make sure you get all of your bottle opening activities in a jiffy. Some actually use the Army Man as a décor on their keychain although it would be quite heavy since it’s die cast metal. 

What We Like about It – The Army Man is a more functional interpretation to a classic children’s toy. The die cast metal construction should see it being used for many years. 

9Stainless Steel Credit Card Size Casino Bottle Opener for Your Wallet by Yerwal

We’re pretty sure you loved the CJESLNA credit card type of cool beer bottler openers. And if you happen to be a fan of playing cards or watching magic tricks, then the Yerwal Stainless Steel Credit Card Size Casino cap prier is definitely for you. Like the CJESLNA, the Yerwal Casino boasts of solid stainless steel construction, giving it superb rigidity and sturdiness that even the most tightly capped bottle cover is no match for its awesome grip. The Ace of Spades is beautifully cut in the center of the polished credit card sized Casino to serve as the mechanism for opening or prying the caps of your favorite soda or beer. It’s like having your very own lucky Ace that you can fit into your pocket or even store in the card holder of your wallet. Unfortunately, this is only possible if you have a rather spacious wallet since the Yerwal Casino is not really that super thin. Nonetheless, we strongly believe you’ll appreciate having this gadget right in your wallet or pocket so you can open your drinks anytime, anywhere. 

What We Like about It – The Yerwal Casino has a beautiful Ace of Spades design that is so compact you’ll have an instant cap prier every single time. 

10Stainless Steel Bottle and Can Opener by OXO

One of the most important utensils we can have in any kitchen is a can opener. While the OXO Stainless Steel Bottle and Can Opener is not really a disk type of prier, it can nevertheless do a lot of wonder by allowing us access to our favorite canned goods. This OXO product comes with two fully functional ends. On one end is a metal bottle opener while the other has a built-in church key which is perfect for punching holes through the lid of a canned liquid like milks, creams, and sauces. At any rate, you will find the OXO to be very comfortable to hold, thanks to its superb nonslip and ergonomic design. There are no straight edges that can exert undue pressure on any surface of your hands so you’ll get to open a lot of your canned and bottled items a lot more efficiently. 

What We Like about It – This OXO product is one of the most trusted when it comes to the opening of bottled and canned goods. With its solid stainless steel construction, it’s a sure hit in any kitchen or bar. 

11NFL Vinyl Covered Long Neck Bottle Opener by Boelter Brands

For fans of the National Football League, there’s nothing better to enjoy a Super Bowl weekend than getting ready with your chow and a steady flow of beer and other beverages because this is going to be the best game of their lives. From kickoff to the final blow of the whistle, you will be popping caps after caps just to get the booze flowing with the Boelter Brands NFL Vinyl Covered Long Neck personalize bottle opener. We deemed it personalized because you can actually choose the design of your gadget based on the theme or logo of your favorite NFL team. The prier itself is constructed of solid heavy duty steel before layered with glossy vinyl to give it a wonderful aesthetic look especially with the logo of your NFL team emblazoned on the center portion of the 7 inch opener. There’s no mistaking which team you’re rooting for this next Super Bowl. 

What We Like about It – This Boelter product beautifully marries our fascination with the sport of football with our penchant for drinking during such momentous occasions. 

12Sir Perky Novelty Bottle Opener by Fairly Odd Novelties

Don’t laugh but the Sir Perky Novelty funny bottle openers are simply hilarious. These are just perfect as gift items especially if you have a friend who is all about green jokes. It should also make for a very interesting piece in parties, although we simply have to remind everyone that Sir Perky is only intended to open beer and soda bottles and not anything else. So, you’ve got Sir Perky in his perky reddish self with outstretched arms and a very ecstatic look on his face. And why not? Sir Perky just happens to be well-endowed with a schlong that is so sturdy and strong that it can open bottles upon bottles of soda and beer without flinching or going limp. Don’t mistake this for stainless steel, however, as Sir Perky is made from rock hard plastic giving it a more or less velvety feel. 

What We Like about It – Sir Perky is a surprisingly effective yet fun way to open bottles. It may not win in speed bottle opening contests but it is a clear winner in hilarious fun. 

13Wooden Bartender Bottle Openers by Trendy Bartender

For a more eco-friendly take on a classic bar bottle opener, the Trendy Bartender offers a very unique solution. With a handle and body that is made from 100 percent solid rubberwood, the Trendy Bartender brings us back to a time when all the things we use at home were sourced from Mother Nature herself. The classic lines of the rubberwood grain provide spectacular visual appeal and interest to the polished and luxurious look of its hardened steel opener. This combination of high grade steel with the richness of wood easily translates to one beautiful and truly functional piece. It really is a comfort and joy to be opening bottles with the Trendy Bartender. Whether you’ll get these for yourself or for someone else, you can be assured that you’re bringing home one of the most eco-friendly gadgets we have in this list. 

What We Like about It – The Trendy Bartender is a stylish, compact, and eco-friendly way to pry open the caps on your favorite bottled brands.


14Hammerhead Bottle Opener by Umbra

The hammerhead shark is one of the most feared predators of the deep. And while the Umbra Hammerhead metal bottle opener is no creature of the deep ocean, it is nonetheless, menacing to any bottled drink, be it capped or corked. With its streamlined silvery body that’s made of zinc and then plated in shiny chrome, the Umbra Hammerhead can pry open any bottle cap. Remove the hammer-shaped head of the Hammerhead and use this to unscrew the cork on your favorite bottle of wine. The head of the Hammerhead is actually a corkscrew so you get the versatility of cool beer bottle openers and the elegance of wine bottle corkscrews in one package. 

What We Like about It – The Umbra Hammerhead is a 2-in-1 tool for making sure you’ve got instant access to your preferred drinks. 

15Millennium Falcon Keychain Bottle Opener by Jamika Products 

Blast through the galaxy in the Millennium Falcon. Save the Rebel Alliance from the clutches of the First Order. Reestablish the supremacy of the good and vanquish evil for all eternity. And while the Force may not necessarily be apparent in you yet, the Jamika Millennium Falcon bottle opener keychain is one fantastic way to open galactic bottles of sodas and beers to quench the thirst of the Rebel fleet. The Millennium Falcon comes with exquisite details of the famed spaceship. Made of die cast metal, the Jamika Millennium comes with a key ring perfect for slotting your various keys. 

What We Like about It – The Jamika Millennium Falcon pays tribute to the many adoring fans of the franchise. Now, they can enjoy their drinks while pretending to initiate the Falcon’s Hyperdrive.

How We Chose the Cool Bottle Openers in Our List

Strength and sturdy construction were two of the fundamentally important characteristics that we sought to evaluate from the hundreds of potential glass priers in this particular shortlist. Since glass caps are designed primarily to secure the contents from spilling, these often form an air tight seal on the lip of the glass. Prying the cap open often requires substantial amount of force. We deemed that if the force needed to pry the cap open is sufficiently greater than the force that the opener is able to withstand, then you might as well end up with a broken bottle opener. That is why solid and sturdy construction was a very important consideration.

Next, since our focus is on products that can be used to augment or even complement one’s personality or even enhance the overall aesthetics and functionality of your personal bar or kitchen, we had to look for products that exude with style. That’s why we included a personalized bottle opener so you can really customize your way to opening your favorite drinks. We also included funny bottle openers as a means to spice up conversations during drinking sessions. Of course, it would be foolish for us if we didn’t include the feedbacks of customers about these products. If they think it’s cool in the same way as we do, then there’s a great chance the product landed in this list.

If the product came with another purpose or function, we also tried evaluating this and determine just how you can benefit from it. For sure, we wanted only the best and most useful product for you.

Tips to Choosing the Right Bottle Opener

Some people don’t see the need for a dedicated bottle opener or cap prier. Perhaps it is because they know how to open a bottle without an opener. There are plenty of tricks out there that teach individuals how to gain access to our drinks without having to resort to a dedicated bottle opener. But for those who prefer the convenience and practicality afforded by these gadgets, it is imperative to know how to choose the right portable wine bottle opener or even soda or beer opener. Here are some tips.

  • Consider the drink you’re going to open. 

Wines, beers, and sodas as well as other beverages often have different lids or capping systems to help contain the liquid inside the chamber. It is important to choose a gadget that can open a wide range of covers so you will not have to buy separate items for different drinks. 

  • Check the size and weight of the opener. 

This is perhaps a major consideration for most of us. Bulky and heavy openers will always be relegated to fixed locations such as the kitchen or even at the bar. However, if you’re the kind of person who would happily guzzle down a bottle or two wherever he or she may be, then you need a lightweight and compact version of a cap prier. 

  • Determine if you need built-in tools. 

There are some gadgets that are designed like Swiss Army knives; they’ve got built-in tools. The question now is, do you really need them?

The Bottom Line

Enjoying a bottle of soda or beer or even wine can be a very fulfilling experience in itself. It can help us feel more relaxed as we ponder on what to do next. With the 15 cool bottle openers in 2017, you’re now more empowered to choose one that really fits your style.


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