20 Cool Board Games for Hours of Fun in 2017

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Hosting a party for your friends and acquaintances can be so much fun especially if you have prepared some cool board games for the event. Even family gatherings are made even more meaningful with simple yet equally enjoyable family board games. In case you’re wondering what to present to your friends or family the next time you gather around for some night of fun and laughter, just choose from any of our 20 cool board games for hours of fun, absolutely guaranteed.

20 Really Cool Board Games

Pie Face Showdown Game by Hasbro

Pie Face Showdown Game

Bring the carnival fun of pie throwing right in your home with the Pie Face Showdown. This wonderful piece of contraption could perhaps be one of the funniest, coolest, and best board games for everyone. It comes with a pie thrower and 2 pieces of splash card masks that players get to insert their faces in with their chins resting on a chinrest. Now, all they’ve got to do is to load up the arm thrower with your favorite cream and, at the count of three, hit the large red button as fast as you possibly can to bring the throwing arm to the other player. Whoever receives the splatter of pie on his or her face, loses. Of course, the kit doesn’t include the whipped cream so you’ll have to purchase it yourself. You can be as creative as you can. Use a sponge if you have kids. Or how about a shaving cream if you have your best buds at home? The point is that everyone will have hilarious fun for many hours just determining who will be the last man standing. As the Pie Face Showdown can be done in a round robin style, everyone will have a chance to square off with another one.

What We Like about It – It’s all about quick reflexes and the coordination of your hands and fingers. Obviously, it’s the building anticipation that is simply outstanding.

Adult HedBanz Game by Spin Master Games

Adult HedBanz Game

It’s the classic “What am I?” game that’s designed to test your wits and learn for yourself just how deep your wealth of knowledge is. Players wear fully adjustable headbands complete with holders for the more than 200 that the HedBanz has. Everyone tries to guess what the card on one’s headband is before the time runs out. See who gets the most correct answers and be ready with the prize. You’d have to be as creative in your questions to help you determine if you’re a person, an object, or a place. Considered as one of the top board games, the Adult HedBanz is perfect for players who are at least 14 years of age. At the very least, you’ll have everyone rolling on the couch just seeing and listening to the ridiculous questions that players have to concoct just to determine what they are.

What We Like about It – The HedBanz is one classic game of wit and knowledge depth. Add the timer and you’ve got pressure all around you.

Cards Against Humanity by Cards Against Humanity LLC 

Cards Against Humanity

It’s a game right out of Despicable Me! We’re just kidding, of course. But the whole point in the Cards Against Humanity is just that – to be as despicable as you possibly can that even Gru and his Minions will be nothing more than a laughing stock. It’s about sentence completion but with a very nasty and despicable twist. A black card often comes with the beginning of the sentence which other players need to be complete by offering the most despicable, most loathsome, and nastiest answers they could ever find from their deck of white cards. For instance a statement that begins like “I drink to forget…” requires some very creative answers. You’ll have to search from your white cards the answer that you think is appropriate to complete the sentence but in a very despicable way. That’s why they called these adult board games the Cards Against Humanity since the statements are definitely not you would expect from the real world. There are 90 black cards that can be answered or completed by any of the 460 white ones. There are more than 13 duodecilion rounds especially when played with 6 players. We tell you, this is the best board games ever as evidenced by almost 35,500 5-star reviews on Amazon. That’s a whopping 35,000+ all giving 5 stars. Now, it’s your time to be as mean and despicable as Gru.

What We Like about It – Garnering an average product rating of 5 stars with more than 35,000 reviewers on Amazon is no ordinary feat. It’s proof of the game’s massive appeal and a testament to the inner desires of men and women who would like to play bad.

Trivial Pursuit: World of Harry Potter Edition by USAopoly

Trivial Pursuit: World of Harry Potter Edition

Do you think you’re an apprentice of the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft? Do you consider yourself to be very knowledgeable about every scene, every character, and every plot in the Harry Potter films? If you think you’re a walking encyclopedia of everything Harry Potter, then gather your friends and test just how good you really are. All of the 600 questions contained in the Trivial Pursuit: World of Harry Potter Edition are based on all of the films of the Harry Potter franchise. The Trivial Pursuit is quite easy to play. Whoever answers 12 questions flawlessly wins! It’s that simple. This makes it one of the more popular board games for adults especially those who have been following the young wizard from Hogwarts. The cards of the Trivial Pursuit are contained in a beautiful pizza pie shaped canister so you can bring it with you to school, at the park, in the beach, in the gym, or anywhere else your friends will be congregating. It’s sure to guarantee endless fun for everyone.

What We Like about It – Trivial Pursuit is more about testing your knowledge about all things Harry Potter. It’s trivia type of game where the main focus is on a single film franchise.

What Do You Meme? by What Do you Meme

What Do You Meme?

All over the internet especially on social media network sites, we are often flooded with a lot of memes – pictures or images that has been made livelier or made funnier by the addition of very interesting, often lighthearted captions. If you love reading these online memes, then you’d definitely love the What Do You Meme? It’s considered the best seller in adult board games as the What Do You Meme? is specifically designed for the millennials as well as their millennial friends. The objective of the game is very straightforward. You will just have to pick a caption from 225 cards that you think will best represent or appropriate to the photo in question. There are 45 photo cards all in all and everyone has the chance to beat everyone else by coming up with the most creative and funniest memes you can ever find from the 225 caption cards. But who gets to judge which is the funniest? Well, each round you’ll have to pick a judge from among yourselves. Each round there will be a winner. It’s basically up to you how you’re going to decide on the winner. Obviously, you’ll be so engrossed in the What Do You Meme? that your pizza has already turned stone cold.

What We Like about It – What Do You Meme? is a very fun and creative way to bring to life what we are already doing online. The good news is that we get to whip up our creativity in the process.

Pandemic Board Game by Z-Man Games

Pandemic Board Game

If you’ve ever seen the film Outbreak that starred Dustin Hoffman and Morgan Freeman as well as other films about the sudden spread of a deadly virus that may as well spell the doom of the planet and its inhabitants, then perhaps you’ll find the rush of finding a cure before time runs out very appealing. Pandemic Board Game puts you and up to three of your friends desperately searching for answers as the planet is plagued by an unknown disease that’s spreading a lot faster than a brushfire. Your job is to find a cure, perform research, and stop the spread of the disease. Pandemic is an excellent board game that is loved by thousands of consumers. Close to 2,000 Amazon reviewers gave it an average of 4.7 stars. Just imagine being given the chance to save the world within 60 minutes. It’s all about cooperation and playing to your individual strengths. The theme of the gameplay is eerily similar to what we now face as diseases that have never been heard of are now wreaking havoc in other countries, threatening the security of other nations in the planet.

What We Like about It – Pandemic is great for strategic thinking and how we can actually solve questions using the information we are presented with.

Boom Boom Balloon Board Game by Spin Master Games

Boom Boom Balloon Board Game

If you’re looking for kids board games, the Boom Boom Balloon is an excellent choice. The mechanics are quite simple. A funny faced balloon is strapped to a three-legged balloon frame. Rods or sticks are slowly inched towards the balloon. The number of “clicks” is determined by the number on the die tossed. Players take turns rolling the die and advancing the sticks. Whoever pops the balloon loses. The set already comes with 12 balloons. However, you can easily refill it with any sized balloon so your kids will have great fun advancing the sticks onto the hapless balloon. While the game is more a matter of chance, kids will surely love the instant the balloon goes BOOM!

What We Like about It – It’s more about technique in advancing the stick so that it doesn’t pop the balloon in an instant. It’s a great way to build eager anticipation among kids.

Richard Scarry’sBusytown, Eye Found It by Wonder Forge

Richard Scarry’sBusytown, Eye Found It

With a colorful game board that’s longer than most of us lying down at 6 feet, Richard Scarry’sBusytown, Eye Found It is one of the most popular kids board games we have as evidenced by its 5-star rating given by almost a thousand Amazon reviewers. The board itself features wonderful neighborhoods in the elongated map of Busytown where different adventures await children. Kids race across town looking for clues and answering riddles and puzzles at the same time. It’s great for building confidence among children as well as the stimulation and enhancement of their problem solving abilities. The Busytown is going to be a fantastic challenge for kids to reinforce their ability to identify objects which can be a great way to develop their vocabulary, language, and communication skills. The hidden objects theme of the board game allows children to train their eyes on what is really important. The Busytown is a classic board game that helps kids to advance pieces through the tiles while giving them plenty of opportunities to try out various learning activities.

What We Like about It – Busytown is just perfect for enhancing toddlers’ sense of cooperation as they have to learn to wait for their turns. More importantly, the various learning activities in each “neighborhood” on Picnic Island are simply fantastic in terms of giving children the kind of developmental benefits they need.

Parcheesi Royal Edition by Winning Moves Games

Parcheesi Royal Edition

If you grew up p laying the Parcheesi, you’d be glad to know that it’s now back with the Royal Edition. It’s still pretty much the same kind of game that many of us loved to play in the past. Unfold the Parcheesi, position your pawns, and it’s a mad scramble for the center home space. You’d really have to watch your back as you’re literally on your own. Pay special attention to potential captures from other players as you don’t want to send your pawn back to the starting line. Look out for obstacles, too as these can definitely hamper your progress and give the lead to your opponents. You will find that playing the Parcheesi will almost always lead to your family wanting to play another round, especially if they have already lost a couple. The thing is, Parcheesi is so addicting that losing will make you want to strike back. So, you’d want a rematch. With superior quality wooden pawns, you’d have to wish for lady luck to smile on your pawns every time you make a move.

What We Like about It – It’s a classic game and one that is guaranteed to bring a smile to those who have played it in the past. It’s as simple as race, chase, and capture.

Game for Fame the Party Board Game for Families by Banter Board Games

Game for Fame the Party Board Game for Families

Do you think there’s a celebrity lurking inside you just waiting for the right time to shine and be famous? Well, you don’t need to go all the way to Hollywood to become a star because you and your family and friends have all the right to be with the Game for Fame family board games. It’s a very hilarious take on what aspiring artists have to go through just to get noticed and be the star of a particular show. You’ll be rolling on your tummy, unable to contain yourself from laughing at the many ridiculous stunts, activities, and performances you and the rest of your family have to perform just to achieve that perfect star rating. There is a smorgasbord of challenges that will keep you on your toes and test the limits of your patience and level-headedness. With Money Maker cards providing the cooperative play theme of the game, you’d have to beat each other out as you make your way across the Game for Fame board. Unfortunately, just as real celebrities do, time is never on your side. And you will always be on the opposite end of the lens of a Paparazzi. So, play your act real well and you could easily reach stardom within 55 minutes. Fail, and you’d be the butt of jokes in your circle of friends.

What We Like about It – It’s a hilarious and fun way to live the life of a celebrity, well at least the lighter side of it. The Game for Fame should be excellent for testing your physical limits and discovering new ones.

Rubik’s Race Game by University Games

Rubik’s Race Game

Everyone knows what Rubik’s cube is. Unfortunately, not everyone knows the trick to really fast Rubik’s cube puzzle solving. With the Rubik’s Race Game however, you don’t need to race your friend to solve the 3-dimensional puzzle of the cube. Instead, you will be using a 2-dimensional Rubik’s that you shake and slide to solve the pattern that is depicted on the scrambler. The first one to solve the puzzle pattern effectively shuts the frame and wins the game.

What We Like about It – It’s a classic game but with a slightly more modern twist. You’d still have to solve the puzzle but you’d have to do it in the shortest time possible.

What’s Yours Like? The Game that Tells it Like it Is by Patch Products, Inc.

What’s Yours Like? The Game that Tells it Like it Is

If you love guessing games, the “What’s Yours Like? The Game that Tells it Like it Is” is exactly what you need. It’s one of the most fun family board games to have as you or anyone else will be on the Hot Seat trying to guess what the other players are describing about something. For example, in describing a swimsuit, they may say that theirs is tight or that it gets wet or that it has strings or any other description. The goal is for the one in the Hot Seat to guess the object or item being described. You’ll be amazed at what you’ll discover about your family and friends when you play this one.

What We Like about It – It’s an ingenious way to test the descriptive abilities of everyone particularly their creativity in coming up with fun descriptions without giving in the answer. For the one in the Hot Seat, it’s all about piecing all of these descriptions together to arrive at a most likely answer.

Latice Board Game by Adacio

Latice Board Game

For people who love playing domino, the Latice should be a very interesting game. The gameplay is very simple: match cardboard tiles according to either their color or the printed image on the tile. It requires a good strategy to make sure that other players will not be able to make a move. Considered as very popular board games for adults and children alike, the Latice is all about planning your next move even while other players are still making theirs. It’s a chess but done in a scrabble and domino style of play.

What We Like about It – For kids, the Latice is an excellent game to help them enhance their spatial intelligence. The game is also great for enhancing interpersonal skills, planning, and cognitive abilities. The good thing about the Latice is that it doesn’t include any cheap gimmicks to let you have fun.

Monopoly Junior Board Game by Hasbro

Monopoly Junior Board Game

There’s no better way to teach kids about the basics of money management than letting them play the Monopoly Junior Board Game. These timeless kids board games have been played over generations of children all over the world. This way, your kid gets to learn which property to invest in, what to buy, and how to grow his or her empire to become the future tycoon that he or she dreams to be one day. With all the accessories and game pieces you’ll ever need, this is one game that’s not only fit for running and expanding a business empire, it may also lead you all the way to the White House.

What We Like about It – Generations upon generations of children have played the Monopoly. It’s what ensured the continued success of many business moguls today. Who knows? Your child might one day become the head of the largest conglomerate in the world?

Forbidden Island by Gamewright

Forbidden Island

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to lead a team into the mystical empire of the Archeans, a lost civilization that holds the key to maintaining balance in the earth’s 4 core elements, retrieve the four sacred treasures, and work your way out of the Forbidden Island before it sinks into oblivion. The focus is on teamwork and cooperation. You have to use your Adventure Card really well by understanding the strengths given to your pawn. You will have to collaborate with other players and use their Adventure Cards with their corresponding strengths to solve the different puzzles on the 24-tile Forbidden Island. You will have to be careful about capturing a Flood Card as this will only lower the island some more. What you want to capture will be the Treasure Cards as these hold the key to maintaining balance in the planet. Once you’ve collected all the treasures, you’d have to find your way to Fool’s Landing to escape. Be forewarned, you only have 30 minutes to explore the island, retrieve the treasures, and get out alive.

What We Like about It – For the fans of Indiana Jones, this should be a great board game to have. With more than 1,500 very satisfied Amazon customers, we’d have to agree.

Doctor Who Clue Board Game by USAopoly

Doctor Who Clue Board Game

Fans of detective stories will find the Doctor Who Clue Board Game to be especially enticing to play. You’ll play your favorite character as you scour the universe for the good Doctor. You and the other players serve as the Doctor’s closest friends as well as reliable allies. Unfortunately, one of you has been conditioned by the Dales to mislead our good Doctor. You will have to unearth the circumstances leading to the Doctor’s abduction, including the weapon used in the commitment of the crime and the most likely whereabouts of the good doctor. You’ll have a variety of custom weapons that the suspects will be using. It’s up to you to use your deductive reasoning skills to find out who among our six possible suspects is the one mind-controlled by the Dales.

What We Like about It – Doctor Who Clue is an amazing game that puts to test your deductive reasoning including your ability to solve problems. This should be very useful for kids.

Bohnanza by Rio Grande Games


Farming is never an easy job. While we may get our agricultural produce right from our favorite supermarkets, we’ll never really understand the complex activities that farmers have to perform to help ensure they get a bountiful harvest. Bohnanza offers you an excellent opportunity to grow the kind of beans that you really need. Unfortunately, there will always be instances when you don’t get the variety of beans that you want. The trick is for you to grow these and then trade them to other farmers who may have a need for such beans. Such is the essence of the Bohnanza. With very limited land to plant beans, you’d have to strategize about how you can manage the excess beans and profit both from those that you planted and the ones that are excess.

What We Like about It – Bohnanza is a superb game for kids to learn about resource management. It calls for strategy and careful planning, too.

Taboo Buzz’d Game by Hasbro

Taboo Buz’d Game

Some of the most popular board games for adults are those that encourage everyone to join in, such as the Taboo Buzz’d Game. Technically, it’s not really a board game since you will be holding an electronic gadget that’s filled with more than 1,000 different words. A secret word is displayed at the top of the screen. Your job is to encourage your team to guess the secret word by telling them any clue except for the words that are also displayed on the screen. For instance, if the secret word is “actor” you may want to say Hollywood, star, spotlight, or any other word that will give your team an idea of what the secret word is. But there’s a catch. Say one taboo word and you’d get buzzed. For example, saying tabloids, slander, or scandal will get you buzzed by the other team. They get the point; you don’t. Your team will have to race against time to correctly answer as many secret words as possible before the time runs out. Taboo Buzz’d is a very famous digital board game enjoyed by large families as well as groups of friends and acquaintances.

What We Like about It – Taboo Buzz’d is a great way to improve communication skills especially among family members. It also tests your vocabulary so it can do well to improve the language skills of certain individuals.

Say Anything by North Star Games

Say Anything

There are certain questions that we would love to answer but were not really given the chance to voice out our thoughts. There are also friends or individuals whom we are just curious as to their take on a particular subject matter simply because they don’t talk too much or that they do but get drowned by other people who are naturally louder. Know the solution? You’d have to get the Say Anything. This great party and family board game has won no less than 30 awards for its ingenious take on some of the most common yet hotly debated questions of all time such as “What’s the best love song of all time?” The great news about Say Anything is that you can answer any way you like. There are no right or wrong answers as these are a reflection of your inner thoughts and deepest feelings. Now is your chance to really let out what you feel deep inside of you. You’ll get everyone talking and giggling as soon as the first card is drawn. You’ll read the question on the card. Other players will write down their answers. When everyone’s done, they’ll show you their answers then you’ll secretly pick which one best represents your own answer. You’ll be amazed at what you’ll learn. Maybe the person whom you think is a snob may actually have the same opinions as you. It also gives you an insight into how other people would normally respond to a particular question. This gives you an idea of their thought patterns.

What We Like about It – Say Anything is an amazing way to get to know other people a lot better. If you’re keen enough, you’ll even be able to understand why they behave in certain ways.

Monopoly: Dr. Who Edition 50thAnniversary Collector’s Edition by USAopoly 

Monopoly: Dr. Who Edition 50thAnniversary Collector’s Edition

Since the 1960s, Doctor Who has captured the fascination of many generations especially those who are into science fiction. While Monopoly is best known for encouraging players to learn the ropes of effective fiscal management, the Monopoly Doctor Who Edition 50thAnniversary Collector’s Edition nevertheless, follows the same basic principle of buying, selling, and trading. However, instead of engaging in the commerce of real estate properties, you’ll be trading mostly in some of the most iconic episodes of the well-loved science fiction series. There are a total of 6 tokens to be collected including a bow tie, an umbrella, a scarf, a recorder, celery, and a screwdriver. You’ll essentially be playing the classic Monopoly except that goods being traded are those from the Doctor Who franchise.

What We Like about It – Like the classic Monopoly, this one’s great for enhancing strategic thinking, careful planning, and effective decision making.

How We Chose the Coolest Board Games in Our List

Honestly, we had so much fun going through the different products that led to the creation of this list. Since many of these products have been around for quite a long time and almost all of us had experienced playing them at least once in our lives, it was more of a trip down memory lane. Unfortunately, we had to set our personal experiences aside to come up with a more objective evaluation of these best board games.

First, how do you define cool? If it means hours and hours of fun where every member of your family or even everyone in your circle of friends will be having a really great time? Then, we can say that we did a pretty good job at our selection. To help us validate our findings, we looked at the reviews of customers for these products. We chose to have a lower limit of 4 stars in our screening parameters so we’ll be guaranteed that we’re on the right track.

Secondly, the benefits of the products were also evaluated. This is especially true in kids board games as these must have some form of developmental benefit. This is crucial as top board games always make sure that there is something that can be developed in children whether it is their reflexes, their hand eye coordination, their problem solving and strategic thinking, and even their imaginative and creative abilities. The point that we wanted to see is that these items are not only great sources of fun but will also serve as important influences in the growth and development of today’s children. And if a particular feature served to benefit a certain aspect in other family members’ lives, then we took note of this, too.

Third, the company that made the board game must be trustworthy and has an excellent reputation. We know that companies who invest a lot of time and resources in improving their products have a lot more to offer than companies who simply make products without much thought. Besides, today’s brand image matters a lot in consumer buying decisions.

Benefits of Board Games for Families

Board games are some of the most enduring activities that large groups of people such as families can get together and have some fun. However, having fun is not the only benefit families can obtain from such games. These can provide a host of other benefits, too. Here are some of the more common benefits of board games for families.

Laughter has been shown to enhance the release of natural endorphins from the brain allowing us to feel less pain as well as other discomforts. These substances are also responsible for making us feel happy.

Today’s family is very busy with every member doing his or her own thing. Sitting down to play family board games is a great opportunity to renew the ties of the family. It’s also an amazing opportunity to discover the skills or talents of each and every member of the family.

In the same manner as laughter helps to enhance the action of endorphins, this can have an effect in our stress levels. This is particularly beneficial among families with members who work in highly stressful environments. Board games can help ease the tension and make everyone feel more relaxed.

The more we are exposed to stress, the higher is the risk for the development of certain mental health disorders such as depression and generalized anxiety disorders. By keeping the endorphin levels at a high, we feel happier and more content.

For certain individuals who may have problems relaxing or are always anxious, board games can be very helpful. Patients with motor problems can also benefit from picking up puzzle board pieces.

The benefits of board games for children are very profound. Not only is their psychomotor development ensured; their cognitive abilities, social skills, and emotional stability are also guaranteed. This provides the framework for a healthier growth and development pattern for them.

The Bottom Line

Finding quality time to be with your family or even close friends may be quite challenging today. More and more of us have tons of commitments that we no longer have time to meet those persons who really matter. However, with our 20 cool board games, we can guarantee that you’ll be able to have hours upon hours of fun and laughter with the people you love. Click here to view our full name of unique and cool things.

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