15 Cool Backpacks to Hold Your Stuff in 2017

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Wearing backpacks are one of the coolest ways to keep your things and personal belongings organized and relatively safe. These types of bags can also become part of your own fashion and style with some individuals really going to great lengths to coordinate their bags with their fashion getup. If you haven’t chosen a bag you’ll wear on your back yet, don’t fret because we are going to share with you our 15 cool backpacks to hold your stuff in 2017.

15 Cool Backpacks

ScanSmart Travel Gear Backpack 1900s by Swiss Gear

ScanSmart Travel Gear Backpack 1900s

It’s quite difficult to get a very stylish bag that you can sling over your shoulder which can carry your most prized possessions as a modern-day road warrior. However, with Swiss Gear products, you can always rely on stylish and truly functional designs. The ScanSmart is one magnificent backpack that you can keep your laptops and even desktop replacements such as those that have humongous 17-inch screens. Made with high grade polyester beautifully mated to an imported type of fabric, the ScanSmart has plenty of other storage compartments that can really provide an excellent organizing system for all of your things. You can always feel confident that your books, magazines, writing instruments, and gadgets and gizmos will be safe and sound inside the ScanSmart.

What We Like about It – With close to 4,000 rave reviews and a name that you can trust, it would be difficult not to include the ScanSmart in our list.

T501 Superbreak Backpack Aqua Dash by JanSport

T501 Superbreak Backpack Aqua Dash

There’s clearly nothing more iconic than JanSport products when it comes to backpacks. Sometimes, we’d like to think that the bag that Dora and Diego use in their explorations are actually representations of this type of carrier. It’s so famous that many have tried copying it, spawning a lot of fake JanSport items. That is why, if you are interested in getting the T501 Superbreak, it is a must that you get it only from licensed and recognized distributors of the product. The JanSport T501 is just the perfect size for those day-to-day activities where you don’t really have to store your closet inside its cavernous compartment. For school children as well as high school and college students, the T501 is simply the best tool to have to manage their notebooks, devices, and other school stuffs. With a classic simple design yet unparalleled strength and durability, the T501 is clearly the bag that others simply have to beat.

What We Like about It – The T501 has just the right size for everyday use. Its classic elegance makes for a superb addition to one’s style, too.

Storm Hustle II Backpack by Under Armour

Storm Hustle II Backpack

If you’re thinking of going on an adventure to the Rockies or perhaps even in the valleys and cliffs of the Grand Canyon, you really need a bag that’s as durable and resilient as the geography that you’re going to explore. The Storm Hustle II is one super-tough, super-resilient backpack designed to be abrasion-resistant particularly in its bottom panel. It doesn’t matter where you’re going to lay it down in or where it falls flat on its behind, the Storm Hustle II can hustle its way out of any tough situation. This is made possible by a unique combination of 19 percent nylon for optimum strength and durability and 81 percent polyester giving it the kind of comfort level that we all expect from a wearable we’ll be carrying on our backs. It has a super water-resistant finish that even if you’re going to take it while shooting a Class V rapids, it’s going to keep your valuables dry. You can even put your 15 inch laptop inside its soft-lined sleeve. There’s plenty of smaller pockets and compartments perfect for your trinkets, too.

What We Like about It – It’s water resistant and is built primarily to withstand the harshest conditions that Mother Nature can throw at it. Of course, with a beautiful design, you can always wear it every day.

Big Student Classics Series Backpack by JanSport

Big Student Classics Series Backpack

Designed specifically for the college student, especially someone who is gearing up to be the next walking library, the Big Student Classics is JanSport’s answer to the growing need of its loyal followers for a bigger and more spacious yet equally superb, durable, and stylish backpack. The Big Student Classics is actually similar to other JanSport products like the T501. The main difference, however, is that the Big Student Classics really does come in big in all aspects. It’s got super-sized compartments and pockets, the latter of which can already secure most of your personal digital devices. The main compartment is spacious enough to accommodate even a desktop replacement type of laptop and you can still throw in a couple of your books and other school items. With S-curve shoulder straps distributing the weight of the backpack squarely across a greater surface area, you’ll never grow tired having the JanSport on your back.

What We Like about It – It’s from JanSport. Just make sure you do get the original. Otherwise, you may not enjoy all of these benefits.

Storm Recruit Backpack by Under Armour

Storm Recruit Backpack

If you like the Storm Hustle II but wished it had less nylon-y feel to it, then the Storm Recruit is for you. This product from Under Armour provides the same water resistance and superb protection against the elements as the Storm Hustle II. The only difference is in the mixture of the polyester and nylon material that makes up this particular bag. While the Hustle II has an 81-19 polyester-nylon appropriation, the Recruit contains more polyester at 85 percent while the nylon component only constitutes 15 percent. This should provide a more obvious difference in the comfort level when the bag is worn over your shoulders and on your back. The padded shoulder straps with its signature HeatGear technology helps provide added comfort. So, whether you’re going to school on weekdays or heading up the mountains on weekends, the Storm Recruit should be a great bag to use.

What We Like about It – It’s technically the same as the Storm Hustle II but slightly more comfortable.

Daypack Lightweight Packable Durable Travel Hiking Backpack by Venture Pal

Daypack Lightweight Packable Durable Travel Hiking Backpack

Going on a hike can be very demanding as you need to put every bit of gear into one convenient backpack. The idea is to put your “home” into your bag so that wherever your feet may take you, you’ll have everything you need right inside the bag that you’re carrying. This is essentially what the Daypack Travel Hiking Backpack provides. The design and construction of this backpack is so amazing that even the seams and stress points have been fully bar-tacked to give you superb durability. A two-way metal zipper is designed to be resistant to abrasion while its nylon material gives it excellent resistance against wear and tear, not to mention amazing water repellent properties. The bottom piece of the Daypack is engineered to comprise of two thick layers giving you strength that is unseen in bags of this type. While the Daypack is tough, it does not forget that it needs to be comfortable, too. The shoulder straps are made of mesh materials to help recirculate air, adding to the comfort already provided by its sponge padding.

What We Like about It – The Daypack has the right combination of comfort and durability. The number of its compartments and pockets make it the ideal storage solution for travelers and hikers.

Ibagbar Vintage Canvas Backpack by Ibagbar

Ibagbar Vintage Canvas Backpack

There’s something about cotton that makes it the most preferred fabric especially when talking about optimum comfort. This is what the Ibagbar brings to the table. Made purely of genuine, pure, and superior quality cotton canvas, with only 2 percent accounting for leather zips that are definitely not your faux type, the Ibagbar is sure to be a talking point in many situations. It’s very rare to see someone carrying a classic vintage cotton canvas bag on his or her back. Whether it’s a laptop that’s inside, your books, or anything else, you can count on the Ibagbar to give you utmost comfort wherever you may go. Take it on a hike or even while going to the gym. For those very short trips, you can also use the Ibagbar to pack your day clothes. Whatever need you have for the Ibagbar, it will be more than capable of meeting it.

What We Like about It – It’s quite unusual to see cotton canvas bags these days making the Ibagbar a true find. The level of comfort is simply fantastic.

Casual Lightweight Canvas Backpack by Leaper

Casual Lightweight Canvas Backpack

If you have a young lady who requires a backpack, a purse, and a shoulder bag, then the Leaper should make for a fantastic set. Each of these bags are perfect for keeping your young lady’s precious belongings – personal care items on the purse, digital devices and smart gadgets on the shoulder bag, and books, notebooks, and a netbook or a tablet on the backpack, among other things. If you’re wondering why close to a thousand consumers give the Leaper a big thumb’s up sign, then the answer lies pretty much in its stylish designs. The shoulder straps have also been uniquely designed to relieve the pressure on your young lady’s shoulder blades while its paddings have been engineered to be highly permeable. Your kid won’t have to worry about sweat drying up from underneath the Leaper. But what is really amazing about the Leaper is that, despite its diminutive size, it can accommodate quite a lot, even a 14-inch laptop.

What We Like about It – The superbly stylish design is enough to make you swoon over it. Add its versatility and you’ll understand just why it’s in our list.

Military Tactical Assault Pack Backpack by Reebow Tactical

Military Tactical Assault Pack Backpack

Members of the military are best-known for carrying backpacks that are way heavier than conventional bags. What is often overlooked however, is the sheer strength of their bags. Just imagine having all that gear on your back; you really have to have a sturdy bag as well. You don’t need to enter the service to have a bag like this. All you need is the Military Tactical from Reebow. Here’s the thing: military backpacks are huge; the Reebow is not. However, with a 34-liter capacity it should give you the feeling that you’re more like a Ranger or a Marine with all of your battle gear on your back. The Reebow is built with the most demanding client in mind, action-wise, that is. It has double stitching, utility pull cords, heavy duty zippers, and even a built-in hydration pack. With the Reebow, you’re now more prepared to take on a 3-day hike without any glimpse of civilization.

What We Like about It – The superb durable construction of the Reebow is fabulous. It’s like having the technology of an authentic military bag on a piece of carrier fit for everyday use.

KAKA Backpack for 17 Inch Laptops by KAKA

KAKA Backpack for 17 Inch Laptops

Made specifically for people with 17-inch laptops, the KAKA is a 35-liter capacity backpack that is guaranteed to provide you superb carriage for many of your personal items even though doing so may seem like you’re actually moving out of your home. With a rugged design that will remind you of mountaineering backpacks in a smaller package, the KAKA provides plenty of storage space for different items. Since the inner surface of the KAKA is lined with a water-resistant material, it should not really be an issue if you’re going to bring it on a canoeing or even a kayaking expedition. Carrying it or even hugging it across your chest is made super comfortable because KAKA managed to use terylene oxford fabric instead of the usual polyester. Additionally, the choice of material further adds to the KAKA’s durability.

What We Like about It – With a spacious interior plus a design that’s perfect for large laptops and other mobile devices, the KAKA is one fabulous bag to carry on your back.

ZOMAKE Waterproof Ultra Lightweight Packable Backpack by ZOMAKE

ZOMAKE Waterproof Ultra Lightweight Packable Backpack

Did you just plan on taking a one-day trip to the Grand Canyon and try to experience the thrill of shooting the rapids? If that’s the case, may we suggest getting the ZOMAKE ultra-lightweight bag? This one’s built with excellent waterproofing, allowing you to really enjoy those outdoor adventures where you’ll be inherently exposed to a variety of environmental conditions. With its all-weather protection, you can use the ZOMAKE on almost any activity. It’s super lightweight, too. You’ll never complain of back pains anymore with the ZOMAKE on your back.

What We Like about It – The combination of spacious interior, super lightweight features, and an excellent waterproofing make the ZOMAKE an amazing buy.

TrendyMax Fashion Printed Backpack by HotStyle

TrendyMax Fashion Printed Backpack

With a style that’s strikingly similar to a JanSport, the TrendyMax distinguishes itself by creating a more cosmic design for its print. Taking on an image of the galaxy, the TrendyMax provides kids and teenagers a more fashionable option to the ordinary backpack. It’s got all the right combination of spacious storage compartments, fully padded straps, and excellent zip system. What kids will surely appreciate, however, is the fantastic and cosmic styling of its colorful prints. Now, they will surely be turning heads.

What We Like about It – The fashionable prints on the TrendyMax live up to the hype of being a trendy bag to the max.

The North Face Jester by The North Face

The North Face Jester

Want a simple and more “rounded” backpack for you or your kid? How about getting the North Face Jester? We’re not really sure why the company called it the Jester when it’s clear that it’s a pretty serious backpack complete with a cavernous interior, two mesh pockets for water bottles, a fully padded haul handle, and even a sternum strap that already comes with a whistle. We don’t know about you but the Jester is something that needs to be taken seriously.

What We Like about It – Despite its name, the Jester is one serious-looking backpack that many are now enjoying.

Campus Backpack by Vera Bradley

Campus Backpack

If you talk about fashionable bags and accessories, Vera Bradley is one name you can trust. As such, getting the Campus Backpack is tantamount to getting a fashion icon that you’ll be putting on your back. Made of 100 percent microfiber polyester, the Vera Bradley comes in elegantly designed Batik prints that are known the world over.

What We Like about It – It’s from Vera Bradley. It’s perfect for those who are into Batiks.

Falcon Water Repellent Hiking Camping Backpack by Seibertron 

Falcon Water Repellent Hiking Camping Backpack

There’s nothing more frustrating than going on a hiking or camping trip, traverse through bodies of water, and set up camp only to find out all of your stuff are drenched. With the Seibertron Falcon, getting your stuff wet will be a thing of the past as the backpack is magnificently designed with 900D waterproofing material. The main compartment is fully expandable, too, so you can pack everything you need to have a fantastic camping trip.

What We Like about It – The styling and waterproofing of the Falcon are astounding.

How We Chose the Top Backpacks in Our List

It should not really be too difficult to pick a really cool bag especially if you’ll also consider what other people think and have experienced about these bags. And that is what we just did. Because the term “cool” can be quite subjective, we had to look at things from a different perspective. If it’s only us saying these bags are cool, then you wouldn’t really believe us, would you? But if there are literally hundreds to thousands of rave reviews about these backpacks, then there’s no question about its hipness. So, we used this parameter to trim down the long list of would-be top 15 listers.

We then focused on the overall design of the backpack. Functionality was a measure that we believe all of us would expect from any bag. Additionally, these should be highly durable; otherwise, you’d end up feeling short-changed if the bag you bought is damaged long before you begin to enjoy using it. Durability and functionality should go hand-in-hand, we believe. Of course, these had to be very comfortable to wear especially the shoulder straps and the section on the lower back. This should come in handy when we decide to put something really heavy in these bags.

Things to Look for in a Bag for Your Backpacking Adventures

Traveling today is fun. And with so many places to visit, backpacking provides a great opportunity to explore all of these wonderful places without breaking your bank. While some can travel on an ordinary bag alone, most beginning backpackers will ask how to choose the right backpack in an effort to make the most of their backpacking adventures. You can always check a variety of backpack buying guides on the internet or you can simply look at the following things when considering the right backpack for your adventures.

The Bottom Line

Backpacks have been with us since time immemorial. This year 2017, you can renew your fascination with these types of bags by getting one of our 15 cool backpacks to hold your stuff. You won’t regret it. View a full range of cool things to buy here.


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