15 Cool Baby Gifts in 2017

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Getting invited to a baby shower can be frightening to some folks especially those who are first-timers to the tradition. Knowing someone who is going to have a baby real soon can also have almost the same effect. In both scenarios, the one question that will really have to be answered is, “What are the best baby gifts to give?” Well, don’t worry. We hear you. And as such, we’re here to share with you 15 cool baby gifts in 2017 that are guaranteed not only to help babies grow and develop to their full potential but also to provide their moms and dads the sense of security over their child’s welfare.

15 Cool Baby Gifts

Octoplush by Baby Einstein


Seven out of 10 moms and dads gave the Baby Einstein Octoplush a resounding 5 stars in Amazon’s consumer satisfaction ratings scheme. And while the Octoplush may not really be considered as the best, it surely is one of the best baby gifts for its sheer plushness, educational value, and developmental appropriateness to the youngest member of any family. This friendly looking octopus has a very plush and soft head, body, and eight superbly built tentacles. Each tentacle pad contains a velour patch of a particular object with its respective color. The good thing is that when babies press on these velour object patches, these elicit a short melody together with the sound of the name of the object and its color (“Blue Sky” or “Red Cherries”). Octoplush is also very friendly to Spanish- and French- speaking families as its language selection can be easily changed with a flick of a button. Hugging Octoplush’s head and body will also emit wonderful classical music. All of these features will help babies develop their sensory integration and processing. The combination of tactile, visual, and auditory stimulation can have many exciting effects on optimum brain development among infants.

What We Like about It – It’s multi-textured, multilingual, and a great way to develop tactile, visual, and auditory senses in young infants. And with a very friendly face, a warm body, and accommodating tentacles, babies will surely fall in love with the Octoplush.

Best Baby Hand and Footprint Picture Frame Kit for Boys and Girls by Bubzi Co

Best Baby Hand and Footprint Picture Frame Kit for Boys and Girls

If you’re really looking for unique baby gifts, then the Bubzi Co Best Baby Hand and Footprint Picture Frame Kit for Boys and Girls is the one to get. It may look like an ordinary 3-panel picture frame but it actually is more than that. The kit comes with an air-dry white clay which you can use to create impressions of your child’s hand and foot. Bubzi Co already includes a complete instruction guide on how to take the impression as well as how to mount it on the frame. You can then add two of your infant’s pictures on the smaller frames to create a really fantastic wall décor. It should be noted that these hand and foot impressions are like stamping your kid’s infant moments in time. When they grow older, they can always go back to the frame and see just how far they have gone. It’s no wonder the Bubzi Co remains one of the best baby shower gifts regardless of whether the child is actually a boy or a girl.

What We Like about It – It’s a unique tool to literally cement baby’s existence in time so he or she can always have something to remind him or her of how small and fragile he or she began as an infant. It makes for a great wall décor, too.

Take Along Tunes Musical Toy by Baby Einstein

Take Along Tunes Musical Toy

Currently standing as the best in musical toys for infants, with close to 9,000 rave reviews and more than 4 out of 5 giving it a full 5 stars, is Baby Einstein’s Take Along Musical Toy. Designed to capitalize on the wealth of knowledge showing the effects of classical music on infant cognitive development, the Take Along Tunes provides an exceptional introduction to the classical works of Mozart, Rossini, Chopin, and Vivaldi, all of which have been proven to help kids become more emotionally resilient, display greater intelligence quotients, and exhibit a more favorable social interaction when they grow up. This makes the Take Along Tunes one of the baby presents that are geared primarily for the development of their cognitive, social, and emotional skills. The gadget also helps to encourage young children to learn and master the control of their motor movements especially when they hold the beautiful beaded caterpillar. Color appreciation is also fostered by this toy as the beads on the caterpillar come in different colors. Baby gift ideas need to provide a host of benefits to kids. That’s what Take Along Tunes offers.

What We Like about It – It’s a musical extravaganza designed to develop the cognitive abilities and emotional stability of very young children. Its colorful beads and light up shows also make for a fabulous sensory stimulus.

Complete Nursery Care Kit by Summer Infant

Complete Nursery Care Kit

Caring for the newborn – a child who is less than a month old – can be very challenging especially for first time parents. Bathing newborns can be quite tricky. Grooming and hygiene can also be frustrating most of the time. Determining if the infant already requires a visit to his or her pediatrician is also very stressful. To perform all of these things, every mom and dad should be equipped with the correct knowledge and the right tools. Thankfully, if you give them the Complete Nursery Care Kit as new baby gifts, you are not only empowering these parents to better care for their little angel, you are also helping newborns to successfully make it past the first month of life. The Summer Infant kit comes with a medicine syringe which you can use instead of a medicine dropper in cases where you have to give your infant a medicine for any ailment that he or she has. It also comes with a pacifier medicine dispenser to help in the more accurate administration of your kid’s drugs. A nasal aspirator has been included to help remove secretions that may have accumulated in the nasal cavity to promote more effective breathing. The Summer Infant also comes with two types of thermometers, one for the forehead and another one of the digital type. Others included in the kit are a comb, tongue depressors, hair brush, and nail clippers. There are also a variety of oral health tools such as knobby teething gadgets as well as a finger toothbrush to help soothe the infant’s gums when he or she is already at that point in life when the teeth begins to erupt. The Summer Infant is a complete newborn care kit. This makes it one of the really special baby gifts.

What We Like about It – It contains all the fundamental tools to help parents better care for their newborn babies.

Corn Cob Infant Toothbrush and Teether by Baby Banana

Corn Cob Infant Toothbrush and Teether

There is a strongly positive relationship between the status of one’s oral health and his or her general health. Members of the dental health profession strongly recommend starting meticulous oral and dental care right from infancy. Yes. Even though babies don’t have teeth yet, they must already be accustomed to the act of brushing one’s teeth. While the Baby Banana Corn Cob Infant Toothbrush and Teether is neither B1 nor B2 from the Bananas in Pyjamas fame, it is nonetheless one of those cute baby gifts that is sure to prepare youngsters to start caring for their soon-to-erupt teeth. The corn kernels provide the knobby texture that is important in soothing inflamed or swollen gums because of the impending tooth eruption. The smooth and soft bristles provide tactile stimulation which helps prepare babies for the more complex sensations provided by a toothbrush. This also helps keep the gums clean. The corn husks are designed akimbo to serve as handles for the infant toothbrush. With this mechanism, babies will also be able to learn how to properly hold things while strengthening their gross motor control. The Corn Cob Infant Toothbrush may not look like a toothbrush at all but it does serve its purpose exceptionally well.

What We Like about It – It’s non-allergenic and made of only the safest food grade silicone materials. It’s dishwasher friendly, too and can be placed in the freezer for more effective soothing capabilities.

Winky Lamb Baby Rattle by Gund

Winky Lamb Baby Rattle

Choosing baby gifts for girls or boys can be tricky. While many will recommend choosing something that is gender neutral, sometimes it is not really as simple as it looks. If you choose the Winky Lamb Baby Rattle however, you can bet that any infant, regardless of boy or girl, will surely love it. Just imagine being able to sleep cuddling the soft and comfy fabric of the Winky Lamb. It will be like sleeping on a bed of cotton although the Winky Lamb is composed of a blend of polyester. This gives it exceptional durability that can withstand thousands of wash cycles. It is also very soft and smooth to give young angels the kind of comfort that they deserve to be able to sleep a lot easier and more peacefully. Now, don’t think that these baby gift ideas are only intended for babies’ quiet times. It is, as a matter of fact, a sensory toy complete with a built-in rattle inside the lamb’s belly. Every time babies move the lamb, it creates a wonderful rattling noise which should provide the auditory stimulus and augment the tactile stimulation provided by the Winky Lamb. Everything about Winky is fully embroidered so it is absolutely safe to either play with or sleep with.

What We Like about It – It’s a very soft and comfy toy that’s great for the tactile stimulation of young kids. With the added rattle, it’s also good for auditory development.

Mustache Pacifier by Baby Epic

Mustache Pacifier

Need really cute baby gifts? How about something that can really bring a smile to anyone who will see your baby? This is what the Mustache Pacifier aims to achieve. By integrating a mustache design into an ordinary pacifier, Baby Epic was able to produce a product that is not only very functional but is also hilariously entertaining. The Mustache Pacifier doesn’t pose any threat to your infant’s health as it is constructed of food grade silicone that has been duly tested and certified by leading government regulatory agencies. People will simply adore the young gentleman. It can also be used as a great prop for those baby pictures that you’re thinking of. For some moms, they have taken the prop a step further. Some have bought a number of these pacifiers and organized a mustache-only party for their babies. Now wouldn’t that be really fun? So, if you want a particular infant to be the joy of everyone, you might really want to consider getting the Mustache Pacifier as one of the best baby gifts you can ever give. You will never regret it. And everyone else will be having a heyday taking snapshots of this young gentleman.

What We Like about It – It’s the perfect baby shower gifts that will have everyone rolling on their tummies and clicking on their camera phones in an endless stream.

First 100 Words by Roger Priddy

First 100 Words

In the world of children’s books, one of the most trusted names is Roger Priddy. This is especially true for his works on the First series. For instance, the First 100 Words introduces young children to 100 of the most common words that they will be using in the first 3 years of their lives. Understand that babies cannot read yet so mom and dad will have to read these to them. The First 100 Words is actually a combination of words and pictures that will help young children gain a foothold on their journey towards expanding their vocabulary. As we already know, this helps lay the groundwork for language, speech, and communication. That is why it is imperative to read to our babies in the correct way including the right pronunciation of the words. Once babies have grown bigger, they can turn the pages of the First 100 Words themselves as these are made of tough board to guarantee durability and resistance against the not-so-careful flipping of the pages by infants. The different images can also help with brain development. Adding sounds will provide the auditory stimulus needed for sensory integration. It may be just a book but the First 100 Words is one of the best baby gifts you can ever get, especially if you look at the more than 6,600 individuals who have penned their accolades for the product.

What We Like about It – It’s tough and is a great tool for building babies’ language, speech, and communication skills. It’s great for sensory development, too.

Baby Getting Started Gift Set by Burt’s Bees

Baby Getting Started Gift Set

Like oral care, skin care should always start right from infancy. This is important since babies’ skin is ultra-delicate. It is composed of super thin layers of tissue that can only provide just enough protection against the elements particularly the harsh rays of the sun. While most baby shower gifts come with baby skin care products, many of these contain chemicals that are not really friendly and safe to the still-developing infant skin. A much better solution is to choose products that contain all natural ingredients like apricot, grape seed, and shea butter, just to name a few. This makes the Baby Getting Started Gift Set one of those new baby gifts that are really beneficial to the health of the young skin. The set comes with 5 different baby products that care for the skin, manage diaper issues, and serve as hygiene tools. The nourishing lotion and oil contains all natural ingredients that are proven to soothe infant skin and protect it against excessive dryness and irritation. One major issue of infancy is diaper rash. Instead of using unproven methods, better apply the Burt’s Bees diaper formulation which turns the cream into powder to give it superb wetness absorption capabilities. It also comes with moisturizing properties to keep your baby’s skin super soft and smooth. For babies’ hygiene needs, Burt’s Bees has its own soap and shampoo made of buttermilk and natural plant materials, respectively, for gentler cleaning.

What We Like about It – It’s all natural and super safe even for babies’ ultra-sensitive skin. Best part is that these can help protect your baby’s skin while helping it develop to more mature levels.

My First Bead Buddy Giraffe for Baby by Playgro

My First Bead Buddy Giraffe for Baby

Learning activity centers have always been considered as one of the best baby presents whether it is for their birthday, the holidays, or even on other special occasions. While activity play centers range in size and in complexity, when it comes to babies, there can only be one leader of the pack: the My First Bead Buddy Giraffe for Baby. The Buddy Giraffe may be a clumsy-looking activity play center but it is actually rich in features that help to develop young babies’ fine motor skills and sensory integration. The textured click clack rings complete with beads on the Buddy Giraffe are not only excellent for helping kids develop their tactile and fine motor development; these knobby beads can be used as teethers for soothing the gums of infants especially when a tooth is about to erupt. Colored balls that provide a rattling sound are perfect for auditory development while the different colors can help with visual development. The crinkly feet also help with auditory development. Technically, every single part of Buddy Giraffe is filled with gadgets, attachments, and inclusions that stimulate the development of the senses particularly vision, hearing, and feeling. Color appreciation is also facilitated which should provide an additional building block to children’s language development.

What We Like about It – It’s an animal that is filled with sensory stimulation, perfect for the growing young mind that requires all the necessary sensory information to be integrated into the beginning cognitive processes of the juvenile brain.

Cute Caterpillar Style Baby Infant Newborn Handmade Crochet Beanie Hat Clothes by Foxnovo

Cute Caterpillar Style Baby Infant Newborn Handmade Crochet Beanie Hat Clothes

Fetuses, while they are still in their mothers’ wombs, are like cocoons that are fully protected from any of the forces coming from the external environment. Part of this protection is the amniotic sac that contains a fluid which essentially serves as a shock absorber and cushion for the baby inside the womb. This is the very nature of the infant onesie or bodysuit. Many infant onesies make unique baby gifts since they mimic the “feel” of the infant when he or she was still in the womb of his or her mother. The Foxnovo Cute Caterpillar Style Clothes is one really unique infant clothing that provides exceptional warmth to the whole body of the child. The body of the onesie is designed like the body of a caterpillar complete with its signature alternating stripe pattern to mimic the heavily segmented body of the caterpillar. The hoodie of the infant onesie is designed like the head of the caterpillar complete with eyes, nose, and a pair of antennas. Since the infant onesie is handcrafted out of crocheting a series of super durable and smooth yarn, giving the Foxnovo super softness and plushness, it creates gaps or spaces in between loops to allow for optimum circulation of air while still maintaining body warmth. It is this wonderful combination of breathable and warm fabric that makes the Foxnovo one of the best baby presents available today.

What We Like about It – It’s warm, cozy, breathable, and very fashionable. This helps provide absolute comfort to help facilitate sounder sleep for infants.

Mommy and Me Gift Set by Aveeno Baby

Mommy and Me Gift Set

The Baby Bee line of products seems like excellent baby shower gifts but a more appropriate present is Aveeno Baby’s Mommy and Me Gift Set. Why? The Aveeno Mommy and Me, as the name implies, provides a collection of products that are designed especially for both mom and baby. For your little ones, they get a shampoo and baby wash, a creamy wash for soothing relief, a daily moisturizer lotion, and a moisturizer cream for soothing relief. For mommy, she will get a moisturizer lotion and a daily moisturizer with an SPF of 15. The point why the Aveeno Baby products are special baby gifts is that it also takes into consideration the skin care needs of mothers who are taking care of their young infants. These skin care products have all been tested and recommended by pediatricians to be absolutely safe for use on child’s skin. These are all geared towards improving the hydration status of the skin, keeping it more supple and vibrant, while also allowing for healthier skin cells to continue developing. The Aveeno Baby also helps guarantee fresher and brighter looking baby skin that is free from irritation and signs of inflammation. For the complete skin care for mom and child, the Aveeno Baby provides the right solution.

What We Like about It – It’s highly recommended by pediatricians and is geared primarily for both mother and infant.

Let the Fin Begin Blue Terry Shark Robe by Baby Aspen

Let the Fin Begin Blue Terry Shark Robe

Are you after really special baby gifts? One that can literally turn the heads of other people who will see your infant with that particular present? Then, how about considering the Let the Fin Begin Blue Terry Shark Robe? Thanks to child development experts working with marine scientists, children today are now becoming more appreciative about these great creatures of the ocean. And while babies don’t necessarily understand what the Great White stands for in the minds of the many, this creature can nevertheless, be transformed into something that is highly beneficial for children’s optimum development. Take for example the Let the Fin Begin. This super absorbent, super cool, and super comfy bathrobe is actually designed with the jaws of the shark forming the hood of the robe. The razor sharp teeth are depicted as rather blunted triangular shapes that point towards the infant’s face. But instead of getting scared, the lovely eyes of the Let the Fin Begin provides a more positive experience for infants. This helps dispel any myths about these legendary monsters and turn them into creatures that are also blessed to swim the world’s greatest oceans. The Let the Fin Begin is made of 100 percent, premium quality, hypoallergenic cotton which is very important as the robe will be wrapped around your baby’s body. Of equal importance is the fact that the terry loops in the fabric provide for more surface area of absorbency, ensuring quicker drying times, and superb softness. This simply makes the Let the Fin begin a true gem among unique baby gifts.

What We Like about It – It’s super absorbent, amazingly cute, and comfortably soft to give babies the chance of a more pleasant after-bath activity.

Flannel Receiving Blankets by Luvable Friends

Flannel Receiving Blankets

One of the most essential sleeping aids for babies, making these excellent baby presents, is the blanket. Actually, this piece of bedroom accessory is not only important for kids but for everyone else since it naturally protects our body from external factors while we are sound asleep. The Luvable Friends Flannel Receiving Blankets are superbly popular and cute baby gifts as the set includes 4 different blankets in a variety of designs. The exceptional softness of the flannel material helps guarantee a more comfortable rest or sleep for the young ones. And since it is small, it can be easily folded and kept in your traveling bag so your infant gets the kind of comfortable sleep he or she deserves. It’s great for sleeping and cuddling and can be used as a nursing cover, a stroller cover, and even a burp cloth.

What We Like about It – It’s super soft and has plenty of uses. It thus, makes for an excellent gift for babies.

Baby Blanket and Rattle Gift Set for Boys or Girls by BubbyBabies 

Baby Blanket and Rattle Gift Set for Boys or Girls

The best baby gifts take into consideration the developmental needs of infants as well as their need for optimum comfort. That is what the BubbyBabies Baby Blanket and Rattle Gift Set aims to provide. These baby gifts for girls and boys are made of 100 percent polyester, giving the blanket unparalleled softness and designed in soft, fun colors. The soft cloth rattle is made of high quality PP cotton stuffing filled into an outer covering made up of 100 percent polyester. The BubbyBabies rattle is primarily designed for stimulating optimum brain development among young children, especially infants. The head has a fully embedded musical bell to help stimulate auditory development. The ears of the mouse rattle are constructed of crinkly materials to give youngsters an entirely different sensory experience. The soft cloth of the rattle is designed in checkered colored pattern, giving your baby the opportunity for building color appreciation.

What We Like about It – It’s a warm and comfy blanket that allows for superb sleep. The soft cloth rattle may not have all the senses covered but it should do well with visual, tactile, and auditory sensory development.

How We Chose the Surprisingly Cool Baby Gift Ideas in Our List

Infants are quite easy to predict since their development occurs in a more systematic and highly organized pattern. However, this is not to say that picking the right present to give for a baby shower, a christening, or even the infant’s first birthday is easy. But, an understanding of infant development should provide the blueprint on what items will work and what will not. This has always been our core principle whenever we had to look for the coolest stuff for kids. Developmental appropriateness takes precedence over anything and everything else. We made sure that each product included in this shortlist had some benefit to the development and growth of babies.

In addition to developmental appropriateness, we also looked at products that can be used to help provide better infant care. Health and safety are very important considerations in early childhood as their immune systems are typically not yet fully mature. Likewise, the different organs in their bodies are still in their developmental stages. As such, baby gift ideas should be geared towards helping moms and dads and any other caregiver provide optimum levels of care for their respective little angels.

We already said that safety is a major concern. This is because of the reflexive movements of babies. Their movements, especially the younger ones, are still a result of reflex action and not really what we can call as voluntary or purposeful. That said, small components of these products can be a source of major safety concerns especially in terms of choking hazards. So, we considered these, too.

Like in our other selections, we looked at how well the products were received by the consuming public. As much as possible, only those with substantially high customer satisfaction ratings were included in the final listing. We then correlated this with the manufacturer’s reputation, knowing fully well that companies with excellent manufacturing practices in terms of product quality and product safety are bound to safeguard their hard-earned reputation and trustworthiness.

Tips to Choosing the Right Baby Gift

Deciding on that 1-year old birthday gift present or even choosing the right baby shower giftcan be a monumental task, especially if this is  your first time to be thinking about these things. However, like all things and with due diligence, you can always learn of a variety of tips that will help you make the correct choice of the best baby gift. Here are some of them.

The Bottom Line

Choosing a really cool baby gift can be really frustrating especially if you don’t know a thing about the recipient. Hopefully, with the 15 cool baby gifts we have shared with you, you will now have a greater appreciation and understanding of what you can give regardless of their gender.

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