10 Cool Ashtrays in 2017

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One of the coolest gift items you could ever give to someone, especially if he or she is a smoker, is an ashtray. Sure, you can give him or her a “No smoking” or even a “I’m quitting smoking” t-shirt but you know these simply don’t work. Just take a look at our 10 cool ashtrays and you’ll agree with us that these are a much better gift item for your loved one or for your friend. And, in case he or she has already started quitting, these can still work as excellent decorative items.

10 Seriously Cool Ashtrays

Newness Stainless Steel Modern Tabletop Ashtray with Lid by Newness Focus 

Newness Stainless Steel Modern Tabletop Ashtray with Lid


If you’re a fan of anything and everything stainless steel, getting the Newness Stainless Steel Modern Tabletop Ashtray with Lid will be an excellent choice. The classic sheen of stainless steel is made even more elegant by the curvaceous body of this particular product. It’s more like a beautiful globular canister that should look pretty awesome when placed in an area where you have other metallic objects in sight. The lid can be easily slid to the side to reveal a cavernous chamber more like the crater of a magnificent volcano, only this time it will be the ashes of your cigarettes that it will be containing. A cigarette holder is well integrated onto the inside surface of the lid and angled to make sure that the butt of the cigar is raised off the surface of the lid. This helps maintain the “cleanliness” of the stick that you place in between your lips. With correct lighting, the Newness Modern Tabletop Ashtray is a very elegant addition to the aesthetics of any room. It’s the perfect gift you can ever give to someone who smokes with style.

What We Like about It – The superb shine of the Newness is really inspiring. The smooth surface allows for easy cleaning.

Jamaican Man Holding Ashtray by Fujima

Jamaican Man Holding Ashtray


Want a really unique and fun looking ashtray? Get the Jamaican Man Holding Ashtray and we guarantee you’ll be the talk of the town. Imagine a funny looking Jamaican man lying down with a large wooden bowl sitting right between his legs. With the characteristic Jamaican bonnet and fun glasses adorning the man, this should be a great décor for your corner table. Or, you can just place it anywhere you normally smoke. If you have a garden table, the Jamaican Man should add to the overall beauty of your landscape. Made of polyresin material, the Jamaican Man, including the “wooden” ashtray, has a certain appeal that looks more like an antique item. Could it be because of the way the Jamaican Man was finished in a raggedy look? We’ll never really know. What is certain is that a lot of customers find the product to be especially unique that they have made it as an excellent decorative item. However, it only features a single cigarette holder groove so this is not really going to be a good idea for smoking with your friends; unless you have several of these.

What We Like about It – It’s the funny and unique design of the Jamaican Man that make it a really fantastic gift for your smoking friend. It’s an excellent present for those who don’t necessarily smoke but are fond of unique décors.

Zippo Chrome Ashtray by Zippo

Zippo Chrome Ashtray


Everyone knows Zippo. They have been in the business of designing and producing high quality and very unique lighters for many years. Now, they are extending their lighter know-how into the area of ashtrays. As such, it should not come as a surprise to see the Zippo Chrome Ashtray to have the same characteristic elegance and styling that Zippo lighters have been known the whole world. Measuring 4 inches across, the shiny surface of the Zippo Chrome makes for an amazing repository of cigarette ashes. The sleek surface of the chrome plated stainless steel helps ensure that cleaning will never be a headache as ash particles will never stick onto the surface. It’s a simple dump into your garbage bin. The construction of the Zippo Chrome is engineered for optimum heat resistance as well as superb durability. With three slots for holding cigarettes, this is the perfect companion for those who prefer to smoke in the company of friends. It has a very straightforward design, with a debossed Zippo logo right on the sidewall of the ashtray.

What We Like about It – Zippo may not be known for making ashtrays but its expertise in the design and manufacture of quality lighters make this a true partner in smoking.

Newness Stainless Steel Tabletop Decoration Unbreakable Ashtray by Newness Focus on Stainless Steel

Newness Stainless Steel Tabletop Decoration Unbreakable Ashtray


If the Newness Stainless Steel Modern Tabletop Ashtray appealed to you, we’re absolutely certain you will love the Newness Stainless Steel Tabletop Decoration Unbreakable Ashtray. For all its worth, if you think the Newness Modern is super sleek and sexy, the Newness Decoration is many times sleeker and sexier. The Decoration has a very deep chamber which is perfect for keeping the ash inside. Since the wall of the Decoration is high enough, there’s no chance that wind will be blowing the ashes out of the chamber. The Decoration has three curved sides that gently slope towards the base which conveniently rests on a fully detachable pad. This helps secure the Newness Decoration on any surface particularly glass and other non-porous surfaces. There’s no way the Decoration will be tipping over and spilling the ashes into its surroundings. Made of high grade and super durable stainless steel designed to be unbreakable, the Newness Decoration has a very sleek surface that no ash will ever adhere to it. A simple wipe should suffice. For individuals who are quite obsessive about cleanliness, the Newness Decoration can be safely placed inside your dishwasher for superb cleaning.

What We Like about It – Its deep chamber is excellent for keeping ashes where they are supposed to be. The superb metallic finish is a wonderful addition to any metallic collection. It can be an excellent decorative item as well.

5.5-Inch Round Original Wooden Cigarette Ashtray by Teagas

5.5-Inch Round Original Wooden Cigarette Ashtray


Wooden décors have always been admired primarily for their natural beauty that tells a story. While conservation efforts have seen a dramatic decline in the use of wooden products, many sustainable projects are now slowly putting these elegant masterpieces back in the map. And if you are a fan of all things made of wood, you’ll find the Teagas Round Original Wooden Cigarette Ashtray to be especially appealing. Made of natural wood that has been grown and nurtured from sustainable endeavors, the Teagas provides a remarkable addition to the elegance of any modern home. The wooden ashtray has been treated with superb insect resistance and finished with an excellent lacquer coating to give it a really fantastic glow. At the same time, its finishing naturally brings out the natural wood grain that speaks a lot of the story of the tree where it came from. The outside walls retain the natural bark of trees to give the Teagas a unique natural taste. If you have a collection of Teagas trays, you can actually stack them on top of each other to produce a tree stump-like appearance that can make any room feel more alive. The Teagas has been baked using ultraviolet radiation to give it superb strength. Whether you’re going to use it for your home or your office or anywhere else, the Teagas will always remind you of Mother Nature.

What We Like about It – The use of sustainable and ecologically friendly materials is exceptional. Plus, wooden objects never fail to draw admiration from anyone.

Cast Iron Hand Antique Cigar Ashtray by Comfify

Cast Iron Hand Antique Cigar Ashtray


Are you looking for a gift to give on Father’s Day? How about anniversaries or even birthdays? If you have a loved one or a friend who smokes, we’d recommend the Cast Iron Hand Antique Cigar Ashtray. Actually, this is also the perfect gift for antique collectors since the Comfify Cast Iron Hand is made of classic cast iron complete with a fully authentic rough texture making up the finish. Its patina is superb, telling everyone of the story of a glorious past. Of course, these are not really the outcome of traditional aging. But, because of the use of advanced technologies, the Cast Iron Hand does look and feel like it has been sitting there for ages making it a great addition to any antique collection. The masculine hand looks strong as it holds your cigar or cigarette. The fantastic thing about the Cast Iron Hand is that it is not only an ashtray but can also serve a variety of other purposes. You can use it as a decorative holder for your car keys, the keys to your home, and other small trinkets. Since it’s made of cast iron, it should be perfect as a paperweight or even a doorstopper. Obviously, it can be a fabulous décor to any room.

What We Like about It – The way in which the Cast Iron Hand was made to look like a genuine vintage item is one of the greatest things about the product. No wonder a lot of people actually recommend it as a gift item.

Smokin’ Dead Zombie Ashtray by DWK

Smokin’ Dead Zombie Ashtray


For collectors of bizarre things or even fans of the zombie apocalypse, the Smokin’ Dead Zombie Ashtray is a fantastic addition to their collection. It can also be a great prank item to scare the living daylights out of your friends. The thing is, the Smokin’ Dead Zombie is just so scary that we believe it is best reserved for those Halloween parties as well as establishments that are designed to cater to the bizarre. Just imagine the head of a zombie with its rotting jaw already showing the roots of his teeth and the decaying flesh oozing out into the open. The eyes roll upward as if trying to figure out what it is you are putting inside its head; except that, it can no longer think because it’s already dead. Remove the head just above the eyebrows and you’ll be treated to a deep crater that serves to catch the ashes from your cigarette. The deep interior helps prevent any ashes from going airborne especially when you’re going to use the Smokin’ Dead Zombie outdoors. Once done, you can simply discard the contents in your favorite burial grounds of cigar ashes and just replace the head.

What We Like about It – The Smokin’ Dead Zombie is one bizarre yet truly wonderful gift to have. And if you have a collection of everything zombie, you clearly have to have this.

Don’t Worry Be Happy Ashtray by PolyPlus

Don’t Worry Be Happy Ashtray


One of the greatest misconceptions about the famous 80’s Billboard Hot 100 song Don’t Worry, Be Happy is that it was written and sung by Bob Marley. The song was produced and released in 1988, a full 7 years after the death of Bob Marley in 1981 due to melanoma. However, because the song became Jamaica’s unofficial national anthem after the nation was devastated by Hurricane Gilbert and that Bob Marley is Jamaican, a lot of people naturally drew the conclusion that the song must be by Bob Marley. But, the song itself was actually written and sung by Bobby McFerrin after being inspired by the same philosophy inspired by the Indian sage and mystic, Meher Baba who always told his followers “don’t worry, be happy”. For fans of the song, you can now get the Don’t Worry Be Happy Ashtray made of high grade polyresin material. While some of us might not agree with the use of marijuana leaves as a decorative element to the ashtray, it is, nonetheless, symbolic of the very nature of the philosophy of don’t worry be happy.

What We Like about It – Don’t worry be happy: just like puffing a cigarette, it does calm your nerves and make you forget some of your worries even for a brief moment.

NERLIMIA Fashion Stainless Steel Billiard Ball Ashtray by NERLIMIA

NERLIMIA Fashion Stainless Steel Billiard Ball Ashtray

Most billiard halls are often filled with cigarette smoke. That’s why we think the NERLIMIA Fashion Stainless Steel Billiard Ball Ashtray is a great gift for those who love the game and smoking at the same time. The design is like the style of old where you rotate the spinning tray to empty the ash into the deeper chambers of the tray. This helps protect your surfaces in cases where you accidentally tip the ashtray over. At least, all these fine powdery substances will not be spilling outside and wreaking havoc to those who are in the immediate vicinity. Emptying the NERLIMIA is as simple as rotating the lid in a counterclockwise manner until it pops out. Then, you can easily empty the contents, wipe it off with a clean piece of tissue or wipes, and it’s as good as new.

What We Like about It – It’s a wonderful décor especially for those who are collecting items about billiards. The rotating mechanism is also amazing in securing the ashes.

4.75 Inch Round Push Down Glass Ashtray with Spinning Tray by Hank Star 

4.75 Inch Round Push Down Glass Ashtray with Spinning Tray


If you like the spinning tray mechanism of the NERLIMIA but would like a more elegant design, then the Round Push Down Glass Ashtray is for you. It has the same spinning tray mechanism as the NERLIMIA except that the Hank Star is made of 100 percent super elegant glass, not stainless steel. When you look at it, the Hank Star actually looks more like a beautiful glass jar. It doesn’t have any grooves for holding cigarettes but this is actually not needed anymore since it has recessed areas. Cleaning is also easy and simple as turning the lid and popping it open. You also have a choice of purple, green, and clear versions of glass. These make for excellent elegant and classic glass ashtrays.

What We Like about It – Using glass as ashtrays is exceptional. The elegance of glass is unlike wood and steel as it speaks of the natural beauty of gems.

How We Chose the Coolest Looking Ashtrays in Our List

We know that we might not be able to provide you with a very objective evaluation of ashtrays in this particular endeavor for the simple fact that the concept of “coolness” largely varies from person to person. We may look at a particular item as cool yet you can view it differently. However, if there are a great number of people who are saying the product is indeed “cool”, then at least we are justified in including such products in our shortlist.

As such, one of the main considerations in our selection is the average customer rating given to the item. It should have a minimum of 4.5 stars, although having 5 stars would definitely warrant its inclusion in our list.

Once these items have been shortlisted, we then carefully evaluated each product for their “coolness”. We assessed what specific features were considered great or amazing by the vast majority of customers. That’s why we also had to read the reviews of these customers to have an idea of what they consider to be the greatest asset of a particular product. If such characteristics have been identified by a substantial number of reviewers, then we knew that it is indeed a property that is inherently unique in the product.

We also looked at the ease of cleaning. As ashtrays are just like trash cans specifically designed for ash from cigarettes and cigars, it is important that they are very easy to clean. Otherwise, it would be a lot better to just get an empty can of soda and improvise. So, the ease of maintenance or upkeep is an important consideration.

Lastly, since these products will be placed in your desk or even your table, they should, at least, be pleasing to look at. If they have certain properties that let them stand out or even complement existing aesthetic designs in your home or your office, then we had to evaluate these and determine just how effective they are as home or office decors.

Things to Look for in the Right Ashtray

Smoking is a favorite pastime among different people across cultures. Despite consistent health warnings, more and more people smoke, often believing that there are benefits of smoking. They spend quite substantial amounts of money on smoking accessories that make for a more personal experience. They can buy cigar cutters, holders, and even humidors. Obviously, smoking won’t be complete without an ashtray. And if you’re searching for the right ashtray, you simply need to equip yourself with the correct knowledge on how to choose an ashtray, whether it is for a cigar or a cigarette. Here are some things you need to consider when looking for the right ashtray for you.

The Bottom Line

Whether you are a smoker or you know someone who is, getting a really cool ashtray is one of the best ways to enjoy the smoking experience. With this list of the coolest and most amazing ashtrays, you’re now able to provide an excellent gift to yourself or to someone who completes his or her day with a smoke.

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