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In 1985, the world was treated to a sci-fi flick that made traveling back in time a reality. Fast forward 4 years later and Marty McFly and Dr. Emmett Brown returned to the big screen, this time to help save Marty’s future children from landing in prison. Unfortunately for them, Biff stole the DeLorean and went back in time to change his fortune, literally. Perhaps everyone who has watched the film can still remember the iconic gadgets, the DeLorean, and the hoverboards that have become the fantasy of many youth and adults of the time. However, one often overlooked part of Marty’s signature fashion is his color-changing cap. For those who remember, they can now relive Marty McFly’s adventures with the Back to the Future: Part II: Marty McFly Cap Replica.

The Cap of the Future Yesterday Today

Fans and followers of the futuristic film of the 80s will be walking on memory lane every time they wear the color-changing cap that McFly wore during his stint moving forward to 2015 in 1985. The headgear is finished with a material that gives it the ability to shimmer and change its colors depending on where and how you look at it. Part of the almost magical colorful transformation occurring in the cap is the use of a highly reflective material which, when light is reflected off its surface, can highlight the various colors that are embedded into the fabric. It’s more like the psychedelic fashion accessories of the 60s to the 80s but is inherently designed and produced using only state of the art and ultramodern methods. The Back to the Future II Marty McFly cap comes in one size and if you’re worried it might not fit you, the Velcro closure will help guarantee optimum fit for everyone regardless of the size of one’s head.

Imaginative Costumes for Kids and Adults Alike

Now, why would you want to wear something that changes its colors a lot more frequently than a chameleon does? Well, just look at some of Hollywood’s famous celebrities especially rappers and hip hop artists. They do love to adorn themselves in objects that glitter and shimmer. We’re not saying that you should style your fashion after them. But the point is that, for the avid followers of the Back to the Future film franchise, the cap is more than just a simple color changing headgear. It is a fitting reminder to the exploits of the lead character of the story and one that viewers simply cannot forget. It is thus, very possible that the McFly cap can actually serve as a tool for encouraging individuals to use their imagination in reliving some of the more exciting scenes and action sequences in the movie. The best part of this is that they can actually rewrite the entire storyline according to how they think the story should end.

Getting the Marty McFly cap may not be fashionable to some. However, for avid fans, it does provide something of a memento of their favorite film.

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